McCrory Sides with Corporate Polluters over People

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While thousands of North Carolinians have do not drink orders on wells near coal ash sites, Governor McCrory is secretly meeting with executives and having his administration downgrade risk ratings at coal ash sites. It's just another example of Gov. McCrory siding with big corporations over average folks.          

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Last week was not a particularly good time to show tone deafness on the subject of water quality. Particularly not for Pat McCrory, whose cozy relationship and secret meetings with execs at Duke Energy, his former employer, make news—not a good look when your Department of Environmental Quality recently downgraded risk ratings for many of the company's coal-ash impoundments.

"We're saddened that [McCrory] is putting the interests of corporate polluters in front of the public health protections that North Carolinians so desperately need," counters Dave Rogers, state director of Environment North Carolina. "If we've seen anything in the last few years in North Carolina, it's that our state needs to do more to protect folks' drinking water."

Rogers also dismisses McCrory's posturing as a protector of farmers. "We have seen that misinformation campaign that's largely led by industrial polluters and giant developers to try to paint a picture of the federal government overseeing swales and ditches," he says. "Waters of the U.S. does not do that. Really, what it does is protect the rivers and streams that actually feed in to our lakes and our drinking water sources."


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    Gordon Jones
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    I thought McCrory was a smarter politician. How can he be this tone-deaf?
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    Sandra Avery
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    I don't understand the nonchalant attitude of not caring for the many people who share this terrible problem of not having drinking is not fair, in this world where we help people in dire situations as homelessness.., medical needs of the poor..., and we, working decent people are totally ignored.. this is so unfair..put yourself in our place!
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