McCrory Administration Handed Out Thousands Of Raises For More Than $8 Million

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RALEIGH—Progress NC Action today released an analysis of McCrory Administration salaries that found 1,682 individuals receiving raises after McCrory called for a salary freeze on March 8. The raises totaled more than $8 million.

McCrory Administration salaries became a controversy when it was uncovered that two 24-year-old former campaign staffers received huge raises at the Department of Health and Human Services. The controversy grew last week, when the Associated Press reported that neither position was publicly advertised, contrary to Gov. McCrory’s claims.

Additional reports have shown that 280 full-time employees at DHHS received raises after the March 8 directive for a total of $1.7 million, including Secretary Aldona Wos’ administrative assistant who received a $12,000 raise.

But big salary increases after the March 8 directive were not limited to DHHS. Two cabinet agencies, Public Safety and Transportation, handed out more raises and for more money than DHHS. See the attached document for all raises.

Agency # of Raises Total $

Administration 27 $125,460.40

Commerce 38 $220,797.80

Cultural Resources 16 $69,109.20

DENR 56 $416,686.20

Governor’s Office 6 $40,300.00

DHHS 280 $1,769,383.20

ITS 13 $118,277.00

Public Safety 801 $2,748,169.20

Revenue 77 $393,910.20

OSBM 1 $3,660.00

Transportation 367 $2,198,635.80

TOTAL 1682 $8,104,389.00

Progress NC Action will join the NCAE today at the NC General Assembly to repeat its call for a legislative investigation into McCrory Administration hiring and compensation policies.

“Huge pay raises for campaign staffers don’t pass the smell test. Something stinks in the McCrory administration and the NC General Assembly should launch an investigation,” said Gerrick Brenner of Progress NC Action.


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