Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts Stands Firm on Anti-Discrimination Ordinance

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Governor McCrory offered Charlotte legislators a deal that he claimed could possibly lead to the repeal of HB2. The deal requested that Charlotte City Council rescind the city's anti-discrimination ordinance that protects LGBT rights. If Charlotte agreed to rescind the law, McCrory claims he would consider the possibility of repealing HB2. That's of course ridiculous. Charlotte has done nothing wrong and has nothing to repeal.

Thankfully, Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts declined this bogus "compromise" in favor of continuing to protect the rights of the LGBT community.    

From The News and Observer:

The Legislature convened in special session in March to strike down Charlotte's ordinance and reminded the city that in North Carolina all municipal power is granted by the state.  Yet in the matter of HB2 it is the local government that now holds the power over the state, or rather the state's Republican leadership.  If Charlotte refuses to bail out state leaders for this disastrous bill, Republican lawmakers and Gov. Pat McCrory will suffer at the polls in November.

Charlotte should use this power for the same reason it expanded its anti-discrimination ordinance.  That is to be, as Roberts said Monday, "... a welcoming community that honors and respects all people."

It's stunning that after all HB2 has cost North Carolina, the governor and legislative leaders don't simply concede that this is discriminatory and hastily drawn law is not worth the price.  Indeed, HB2 isn't worth anything.  It requires that people in public bathrooms use the bathroom that corresponds to the gender on their birth certificate, but it addresses a problem that doesn't exist and offers no provisions for enforcement or penalties for those who violate it.


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