Majority of NC Thinks General Assembly Isn't Making Good Faith Effort For Teacher Raises

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A new poll from PPP spotlights that a majority of North Carolinians don't think the General Assembly is making a good faith effort to raise teacher pay. After weeks of rhetoric, they've as of yet failed to pass anything to improve North Carolina's standing relative to teacher pay. This inaction has lead to a drag on the approval ratings for House Speaker Thom Tillis. From PPP's release,

The Legislature faces additional unpopularity on the issue of teacher pay. Across the state 54% of voters do not believe that the Legislature is making a good faith effort to raise teacher pay while only 31% believe that are making a good-faith effort.

Tillis is forced to contend with incredibly low approval numbers; both personally and in terms of the statewide perception of the legislature. Tillis has a 24% favorability rating compared to 47% unfavorable. The Legislature has a 19% approval rating and a 57% disapproval rating; even among Republican voters the Legislature faces a 44% disapproval while only 31% of Republicans approve of the Legislature. In addition, statewide Republicans within the Legislature have a 31% favorability rating to 52% unfavorable.


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    Rita Piner
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    Just get it done and vote for teachers in this state to get a raise!!!!!! Long pass due.
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    Lauren Blakefield
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    I am a NC teacher and I am considering a move to Maryland where I can make 20k more yearly for doing the same job.
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    Vince Bach
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    Campaign money, interest groups, and sheeple will keep everybody in office. They have seen no reason in the past to believe they need to do the job, they will keep doing what the money tells them to do.
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