Major Issues for I-77 Toll Project As Texas Project Goes Bankrupt

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The toll project on interstate 77 from Charlotte to Mooresville just got a great reason to be put to a stop. The I-77 Mobility sister project in Texas just filed for bankruptcy, proving that this project was never a good idea from the start. There will be some major issues in the near future if McCrory fails to break the contract and cease the project.  

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This extra push comes after a bankruptcy filing by I-77 Mobility Partners sister project in Texas.

I-77 Business Plan hopes this simple message to Gov. Pat McCrory will be the push they need and want to break the contract with I-77 Mobility Partners.

“Both Roy Cooper and Gov. McCrory need to know that this is a major issue and will have significant impact in November,” said John Hettwer, leader of I-77 Business Plan. 


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    McCrory MUST GO!!! He is the worst governor aside from Flint River MI governor. Disgusting right-wing, lying, lobby-money-pocketing shiesters!!!
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