Local Superintendent Calls Budget Deal An Assault On Public Education

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The terrible reviews about the budget deal keep coming in, this time from Burke County teachers and officials, including Superintendent Larry Putnam. The Morganton News Herald reports,

Because the salary bump they’ve been promised includes longevity pay they’ve already earned and collected, many local educators say that the legislature’s offer is guileful, to say the least.

Burke County Public Schools Superintendent Larry Putnam called the budget an assault on students and public education, and that numbers are being inflated to make pay increases sound more appealing.

“While the budget claims that teachers are receiving a 7 percent salary increase, it’s not a true 7 percent because the longevity pay is simply being redistributed from an annual lump sum to a monthly installment. Calling a redistribution a raise is simply wrong,” he said. “They have eliminated salary steps for teachers who have only had one pay increase in six years. Teachers who have earned their years of service deserve to be paid for them.

“Principals and assistant principals are only getting a 1.9 percent pay increase. These people spend 10-16 hours a day, especially in high schools, at their jobs. They have so much responsibility on them, and to minimize their contributions as educational leaders is a disgrace.”

Drexel Elementary fourth-grade teacher Deanna Minetola, who now serves as president of Burke County’s chapter of the North Carolina Association of Educators, said that she, too, believes the legislature’s offer is deceitful.



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    Jason McCoy
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    You cannot call money already earned and owed for a good or service (i.e. longevity pay) a raise. Also, why is it that only K-12 are losing this earned, contracted benefit?
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    Stefan Anders
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    So politicians can say they gave teachers a raise, so any complaining is seen as whining.
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    Virginia Collins
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    Get you act together politicians! Remember our teachers ARE educated. Do something right for a change and stop the underhanded ness?
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    william Toth
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    it's a scam, one intended to delude the state into thinking something was done for public school teachers, one intended to get members of the general assembly past the november election with their jobs intact
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    Wanda Maness
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    I am sure most teachers vote!! We teach our students to be fair. How can our leaders be allowed to shuffle our longevity back and call it a raise! I am embarrassed and humiliated to know we have leaders that have stooped this low. Where are the leaders that have a conscious and a heart. I feel bullied and scammed by our leaders! I am college educated and teach my students along with morals plus respect. What kind of examples do they portray?
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    Novella Freeman
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    I totally agree. Great raises if you are going from the last year pay level of one step to the first year pay level of any of the six steps. Then what happens? You stay at that salary for five years, meaning your salary stay frozen for five years. How can our lawmakers justify this rediculous pay schedule. Are they kidding? For the last six years, my take home pay has gotten to be less and less because of copays, prescriptions, deductions like vision, dental, etc. have gone up each year from 2008-2014. For the record, these are not the highest raises in NC's history. We received some of the largest raises in the history of NC when Jim Hunt was Governor. Whether you were a democrat, republican, an dependent or libertarian, we had lawmakers that would compromise, work together, and get things done.
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    Ed Johnson
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    Need to rally voters to get Phil Berger and Thom Tillis. These arrogant men think they are smarter than everyone else. Time for them to go. Men like Tillis and Berger are more concerned with self serving interests and taking care of the good ol boy network and could care less about working class people.
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    Under the new schedule in most cases a teacher makes more a month than an assistant principal. When asked how the state would now comply with a general statute that states that a teacher that becomes an assistant principal cannot make less than he would as a teacher, our legislators stated that it was the LEA's responsibility to make up the difference. In some administrators this will amount to a $4500 difference that school districts will have to cover.
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