Local Residents Worried About Impact of Fracking, Might Sue North Carolina

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WSOC-TV has the story of Anson County residents who are deeply concerned about the recent fast track fracking bill the NCGA recklessly passed. 

We shouldn't be spending taxpayer money to drill for big oil companies like Halliburton. With your help, we sent over 2400 emails to NC House Reps asking them to stop fast track fracking. Instead, once again too many sided with big energy companies over the people. Help us hold lawmakers accountable this fall by donating to Progress NC Action today!


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    NC Resident
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    Maybe you should do more than just send emails. Armchair activism has never really worked...
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    Progress NC Action
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    I'm sorry you feel that way, NC Resident. We're actually in the middle of a three day tour, holding seven events in six different counties around the issue of public education. We certainly understand the importance of on the ground organizing.
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    And all those participating are from here in North Carolina and not a bunch of outsiders being shipped in to give the appearance of more North Carolinians opposed to fracking then their actually are? The person that I got this link from doesn't live anywhere close to any area being targeted.but is opposed because she is being a good little tree hugger and believes whatever she is told by the enviormental groups she follows. Question by the way, the footage of people burning their tap water, anyone try prior to the fracking starting? I've seen some really nastey well water, never crossed my mind to light it, wish I had now.
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    David Turner
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    Trust me Joe, plenty of folks like me, right here in NC, are standing up against the NCGA over fracking, and paying real attention. As for the well-testing, a fascinating aside: one of the budgets being considered right now increases the cost of private well testing from $55 to over $80.
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    Phillip H George
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    There's Major NC Cities getting water from NC Rivers, what happens when those rivers become too toxic ?
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    3rd generation North Caroliniana here and am so happy to see people starting to get scared. I'm from eastern NC where all the waste will be shipped and now live outside of Raleigh where all the drills will be. Looks like we won't be safe anywhere. Such a shame what the NCGA has done to this state.
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    Joe, CLEARLY you are a company shill for the oil industry. NO ONE in their right mind that does not directly profit from fraking, if it's all right and good for us like people such as yourself say why is the CEO of Exxon suing to keep it from happening near his property? Go away Joe, We're on to you!
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    Nancy Paris
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    Not talked about much, but appears link between Fracking and Earthquakes. Oklahoma has doubled number of earthquakes since Fracking began
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    Mark Coggins
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    If you want to see some of the chemicals used in Fracking to Wikipedia and search, "list of additives used in Hydraulic Fracturing". I guess the republicans will try to stop them from listing the chemicals. A lot of the chemicals listed are carcinogenic. Mark Coggins, Lee County Democrat
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