Local Business Leaders Against Gov. McCrory and I-77 Contract

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A group of business leaders posted signs advocating their displeasure with the introduction of toll lanes on I-77. After the sister project in Texas filed for bankruptcy, these calls are even louder to break the contract with I-77 Mobility Partners. 

Read on and watch the video at WSOCTV here:  

The yard sign reads, “McCrory = Tolls. Send a message to Raleigh. Brawley for Governor.” The flyer has a similar message. The group, I-77 Business Plan plans to print approximately 15,000 copes by Saturday and then distribute the flyers throughout communities. 

I-77 Business Plan hopes this simple message to Gov. Pat McCrory will be the push they need and want to break the contract with I-77 Mobility Partners.

“Both Roy Cooper and Gov. McCrory need to know that this is a major issue and will have significant impact in November,” said John Hettwer, leader of I-77 Business Plan. 

McCrory said he’s sending his transportation secretary to Texas on Monday for discussions with parent company Cintra after the Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing on its sister project on State Highway 130 in Texas.

Cintra maintains the bankruptcy filing won’t affect the project on Interstate 77. 

The North Carolina Department of Transportation also tried to calm fears by saying I-77 Mobility Partner’s contract protects taxpayers from financial loses.

Still, not everyone is convinced that’s true.

“We feel that it does leave us on the hook,” said Bill Russell, president of Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce.


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    funny thing how all of a sudden Bill Russell is all about getting this thing cancelled. the lkn chamber stood woefully silent years ago when their voice could have made a difference. this now is nothing but political posturing by him, and his cronies jeter and tarte and bradford.
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