Let the Truth be Heard: Public Coal Ash Meetings Across the State

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The time has come for the public to speak the truth. Staring Tuesday, March 1st public meetings will be held near all 14 North Carolina coal ash pits for people to speak out about the damage done by these dumps. Public comments will be taken into consideration for any decisions. So far McCrory isn't doing anything so we need to go voice the cruel reality of this contamination and make changes!

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Now it's time for neighbors and people interested in Duke Energy coal ash pits around the state to have their say about how risky they are and how quickly they should be closed.

The state Department of Environmental Quality starts a series of public meetings Tuesday near the 14 coal-plant sites. The department has proposed classifications for cleaning up each dump in North Carolina.

State officials say the public's comments will be considered before the agency makes its final decisions.


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