Another Legislative Overreach Overturned by the Courts

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NC politicians are trying to change the process for electing NC Supreme Court judges without considering the state's voters. The change in voting from contested elections to up-or-down retention votes is something that should have been approved and voted on by citizens, however it was not. Now the law has been struck down by a superior court and heads to the NC Supreme Court. It's about time North Carolinians get treated fairly!

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On Thursday, a panel of state Superior Court judges informed attorneys of their plans to strike down a 2015 law that altered how sitting state Supreme Court judges are elected. An order was being drafted by the attorneys in the case for the judges to consider.

Sabra Faires, a Wake County attorney, filed a lawsuit last year asking the three-judge panel to toss out the law, arguing that moving from contested elections to up-or-down retention votes was a change that required a voter-approved amendment to the state constitution – something that did not happen.

The announcement of the plans to overturn the law came as uncertainties about North Carolina elections abound. A three-judge panel in federal court earlier this month put a halt to elections in the 1st and 12th congressional districts until new maps were drawn. The federal judges declared the districts, drawn in 2011 by the N.C. General Assembly, to be unconstitutional racial gerrymanders.


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