Legals Bills for McCrory, NCGA Skyrocket to Over $9 Million

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In just five years, the current crew in Raleigh, led by Gov. McCrory, have spent more than $9M in taxpayer money defending their unjust laws in court. That's 20 times more than the legislature spent on outside counsel in the previous decade. Think of all the teachers, or textbooks we could pay for with that money. 

From the Winston-Salem Journal editorial,

Gov. Pat McCrory, Senate leader Phil Berger and House Speaker Tim Moore are on a roll. A bad one. These leaders have led the costly and, for the most part, losing charge. In five years, the legal bill has risen to $9.3 million, the News & Observer of Raleigh reported last month, citing legislative records. That total is more than 20 times what the legislature spent on outside counsel in the decade prior, WRAL-TV reported.

“In my experience, there have been significantly more constitutional challenges in the last five years than for previous legislatures and administrations,” Grayson Kelley, North Carolina’s chief deputy attorney general since 2003, told the News & Observer’s Anne Blythe recently.

The state GOP’s latest loss came the other day when the highest court in the land did not reinstate the state’s voter ID law.

This was after the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals’ decisive and strongly stated ruling on the matter in July. That should have been enough, but McCrory and company couldn’t resist pushing it further.

This is just one of several examples of legislation that should have been dropped after a court decision — or not passed in the first place. The list includes legislative district maps, the same-sex marriage ban and changing the rules for retention elections for sitting N.C. Supreme Court justices. Still pending and likely to lose is a law allowing some courthouse officials to opt out of performing same-sex marriages — now legal, like it or not — and HB2, which targets transgender people, limits local anti-discrimination laws and dictates bathroom access in government facilities.


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