Latest teacher pay rankings show GOP promises were nothing but hot air

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With the lowest per-student spending in the southeast, and teacher pay at 42nd nationwide, the GOP’s election-year claims are proven false as lawmakers again fail to make a meaningful commitment to public education and our children’s future

Nationwide teacher pay rankings released on Wednesday show that North Carolina still ranks near the bottom in the country, and that Republican claims about last year’s education budget were nothing but election-year misinformation.

According to teacher pay data for the 2014-15 school year, North Carolina’s average teacher salary ranks 42nd in the country at nearly $10,000 below the national average. That’s a stark contrast to claims made by lawmakers such as Sen. Phil Berger, who promised that the General Assembly’s education budget last year would raise North Carolina teacher pay to 32nd in the country.

Of course, Berger also falsely claimed that his budget provided “the largest teacher pay raise in state history.” This claim was proven to be completely false almost as soon as it was made, but that didn’t stop Republican candidates from parroting the misinformation in order to win votes.

“Republican lawmakers are willing to say anything to make parents and voters think they support public education, but they’re still unwilling to make a genuine commitment to raising teacher pay to the national average,” said Gerrick Brenner, executive director of Progress NC Action. “False claims and bogus budget gimmicks will do nothing to stem the tide of teachers leaving North Carolina for states with better pay, and we hope for our children’s sake that lawmakers figure that out before it’s too late.”

The teacher pay data also shows that North Carolina had the lowest per-student education spending in the southeast at $8,620. The data also shows that from 2003-04 to 2013-14, North Carolina’s average teacher salary declined 17.4% -- more than any other state in the country.

North Carolina’s dismal ranking in teacher pay comes on the heels of Gov. Pat McCrory’s 2015-16 budget proposal, which would not give any pay raise to a whopping two-thirds of public school teachers. And the governor’s and legislature’s poor commitment to public schools has the Houston Independent School District once again luring North Carolina teachers to Texas with another job fair on Saturday, March 21 in Greensboro.


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    Again the gop gets the blame for this!!!! The gop has only had control for 3 years, but they are suppose to fix, in 3 years, what the democrats have done for the last 25 years!!!!!!!
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    I can assume you are not a teacher. It's not about the raises the teachers were supposed to get.. it's the deceipt that MCory and Tillis used to make all the voters think our hard working teachers were getting a fabulous raise when most of the vetern teachers got barely anything at all... You want to know the truth, take time and talk to any teacher.<br /> If I might add a response about blaming the republicans....... If this is your thinking then.... Why is Obama and his administration being blamed for all the problems in the country when they have only been in power for 6.5 years, but they are supposed to fix in 6.5 years what the republicans have done for the last 8 years...put this country in the 2nd worse recession in the history of this country and got us into wars we should never have entered... it took us 12 years to come out of the great depression, and only then because of World War 2 and you want Obama to do it in less???????
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    don't forget the very REASON why our state is so poor: the Republicans refused to accept Federal Medicare/Medicaid money's for ideological reasons...$40 billion. So the Repubs are having to pull money from every single dept, cutting shamelessly on every front.
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    As a veteran teacher, I would rather do without a pay raise to keep the Federal Medicare/Medicaid issues related to Obamacare out of my state until the Republicans can get in office and get rid of it. Yes it is for ideological reasons. The freedom that Americans have bled and died for. The Constitutional rights of our country, the foundations of an economy that became the greatest in the world, all nearly destroyed starting with the policies of Clinton which directly caused the housing bubble that set off our whole recession, and now the policies of the Muslim Jihadist Socialist dictator Obama. As a teacher, I would rather go without a while in order to get rid of Obama and obamacare.
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