Koch Brothers curriculum coming to a high school classroom near you?

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     The NC Dept. of Public Instruction is considering a plan to encourage high school social studies teachers to use materials prepared by an institute funded by the conservative Koch brothers, the billionaires behind the Tea Party, Americans for Prosperity, and other right wing political groups.

Koch Brothers 

     The Kochs are often criticized for attempts to buy our democracy.  Now are they trying to dictate their ideology to our children?

     “I think the Koch brothers have demonstrated they have a strong and active partisan interest in politics,” said Harry Watson, a history professor at UNC-Chapel Hill. “I don’t think the public school curriculum should be written from a partisan perspective.”  Click here to read more.



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    The Bugler
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    I dont think the Koch brothers are nearly as rabid as ProgessNCAction as exhibited in the recent election when this organ.kidnapped a sitting Rep.s id and sewed out slime by the bushel. Give me a break.
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    My job, as a teacher, is to show my students HOW to think, not tell them WHAT to think.
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