Kieran “Moonlighting” Shanahan Should Release His Client List

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Gov. McCrory should act to avoid conflicts of interest in his administration

RALEIGH—Progress NC Action today called on Kieran Shanahan to release his law firm client list after the revelation that he has been moonlighting for his private law firm clients while running the NC Department of Public Safety during the day. The potential for conflicts of interest is real and if Shanahan is adamant about moonlighting, then the public deserves to know all the facts.

The Secretary for Public Safety is not just any state employee. The office is responsible for the safety of all North Carolina families, as well as, running a state agency with 27,000 employees. It is no small task.

But if Shanahan wants to work in good faith, he must act to avoid even the appearance of conflict of interest.

“Sec. Shanahan should immediately release his client list or he should resign his office,” said Gerrick Brenner of Progress NC Action. “As one of the top law enforcement officers in the state, Shanahan’s conduct must be beyond reproach.”

“Furthermore, to avoid any potential conflict of interest, Gov. McCrory should also ask Sec. Shanahan to release his client list or resign.”


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