Editorial: It is Time To Break the I-77 Toll Contract

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After about a decade of working on the I-77 toll project, it is time for the contract to be broken. Where the blame lies for this contract and all the surrounding issues is unclear, however it's clear who can fix it: Gov. Pat McCrory. McCrory needs to work with the General Assembly to get out of this contract and if he doesn't, he might pay a political price in November. 

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No matter the result of Tuesday’s primary elections, one issue will continue to dominate the discussion of state politics, at least locally — the Interstate 77 toll contract.

Where the blame lies really doesn’t matter, at this point. The incumbents are vulnerable because, despite the toll roads being in the works for nearly a decade, the issue has grabbed the attention of the public in just the past few years and actual work recently began on Interstate 77. The principles of primacy and recency apply.

Most vulnerable of all is Gov. Pat McCrory, who will certainly bear the brunt of the attention applied to the toll contract. If McCrory has any chance at all of keeping his seat, he’ll work with anti-toll legislators in the General Assembly over the next few months to get the state out of its contract with Cintra.


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    Thank you for finally writing what all of us have been screaming about all along. It is a travesty what is being done to my community, & citizens anywhere would be just as angry if they were being forced to endure this same criminal malfeasance. I voted for McCrory every election, & I'll continue to fight every day to see him lose this one.
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    Thank you for supporting the local communities request! This pre-construction is so bad, its dangerous . It's as if NCDOT is purposefully warring on our local roads to do bad work that is then dangerous. Our accident rate is crazy. I hope Raleigh will listen befor we have a needed evacuation or people lose their lives over this. It's such a bad plan an contract. C'mon Governor, do right by the people and cancel the contract and order NCDOT to put in general purpose lanes immediately!
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    I support that ALL NC roads/Interstate lanes should be free! Tolls are just another word for taxes- more taxes on roads that we have already paid taxes on. McCrory & NCDOT are planning on adding toll lanes to every NC interstate. We must tell them - McCrory, Tillis, NCDOT - to get their hands out of our pocket. No matter how much they tax...it never seems enough. I77 is now congested and unsafe at all times - Shame on McCrory & the NCDOT. Thank you for supporting the LKN community!
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