Toxic Water Persists for Hundreds in North Carolina

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If coal ash polluting water wells isn't scary enough for residents of Person County, the change in rankings from High Risk to Low Risk without any cleanup to the water is something to worry about. Wells were tested at the end of November, and given the chemical levels found within, were deemed undrinkable. However, at the beginning of this year the site was no longer rated high risk even though the levels remain the same. This is very concerning for members of the county contemplating drinking this water and for all North Carolinians questioning how trustworthy state politicians are.     

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"There are many different chemicals that came out in the test, chromium was one of them, vanadium was one of them, arsenic was one of them, lead was also one of them. I don't know what the standards were at that time, but at that time I did start receiving water from Duke Energy," Jeffers said.

"It is crazy in the mornings, everybody is running, trying to get bottles of water to brush their teeth and just the fact that I'm having to remind people and even remind myself," Jeffers said. "It's a lot, just to be aware, that when you turn your faucets on, there's running water coming out of it, you can't drink it."

Since the big coal-ash spill in the Dan River two years ago, the state has been working to address what it says are long-ignored environmental problems associated with coal-ash ponds.


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    If city inspectors vouch for water safety, what is an alternative testing solution that can be more reliable?
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