Increasing Shortage of Teachers in NC is Cause for Concern

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State Superintendent June Atkinson has expressed concern over the growing decline in university students seeking employment in an education position. We already know how to fix this problem: improve teacher pay and provide more support to educators. 

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She says over the last five years there’s been a thirty percent drop in the amount of university students in North Carolina seeking a career in education. 

Atkinson says low teacher salaries are partly to blame, but recruitment and retention need to be top priorities.

"It is important that we have an effective teacher in every classroom in this state.  Our state cannot afford to have just substitutes and people in the classroom who are not prepared,” said Atkinson.


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    I encourage students to follow their hearts... but I do admit that I do no promote teaching as a career. At my school we have meetings... meetings about having meetings... and more and more meetings... We even have PD the day after a quarter closes instead of having our planning period to input and review grades. We are told to teach bell to bell... that's not realistic when we're also told to take time with individual students to address their strengths and weaknesses and to provide them with a plan to help them succeed. No books, no technology... nothing. It's an impossible job that... somehow... I'm making possible. Not everyone can do this... I'm not sure how much longer I can do this.
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