In TV Ad, McCrory Doubles Down on Fear and Prejudice

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By now you've probably heard about the new McCrory ad that shamelessly uses a sexual assault victim to defend HB2, even though she was attacked by a family member, not a random transgender person in a bathroom. There remains no evidence for the fear mongering around this hateful bill and Gov. McCrory should be ashamed of this ad.

From the Capitol Broadcasting Company editorial,

McCrory and legislative leaders said a failure to allow enforcement of HB2 would thwart safety laws by allowing non-transgender predators to exploit the opportunity to cross dress and prey on others.

Even U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Schroeder doesn’t buy it. “The unrefuted evidence in the current record suggests that jurisdictions that have adopted accommodating bathroom access policies have not observed subsequent increases in crime.”

That’s been true for the more than 200 municipalities and 18 states that have adopted non-discrimination laws and ordinances to project transgender people’s rights.

As McCrory morphs the issue from privacy, to states’ rights to safety, the only clarity that emerges is the desperate quest for a campaign wedge issue gone awry.

Instead of merely mobilizing a segment of the Republican Party voter base, the issue has spun out of control. It has cost North Carolina financially in lost job growth opportunities and business. It has cost the state’s reputation—with other states, organizations and corporations boycotting North Carolina. 

And now, as the election season heads into its final phase, the McCrory campaign doubles down with an ad that plays to fears and prejudice.


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    bavibidila jules ferry
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    l'm coing to give my opinion about thar situation there is not good to keep on .
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    Bonnie Haymore
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    This man is such an idiot.
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    Carol Wills
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    Gov. McCrory is not fit to be in state government.
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    David Sawyer
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    We were in better shape before this administration!
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