In Sham Town Hall, McCrory Ducks All Questions from Voters

Instead of addressing concerns from residents who drove hours to attend, McCrory delivered a guided stump speech

Tuesday night, one week before Election Day, in what was billed as a public town hall meeting, Governor McCrory took exactly ZERO questions from real voters in the audience. During his incredibly brief appearance, Governor McCrory only answered the softball questions from the local Wake Forest Area Chamber of Commerce President.

After the sham event ended, voters frustrated that Governor McCrory ignored their questions addressed the media. Some of them, including coal ash neighbors Amy Brown of Gaston County and Deborah Graham of Rowan County, traveled five hours round trip only to have their questions and concerns totally ignored.


“I’m very disappointed tonight. I drove over 300 miles in the hopes that Governor McCrory would answer some of my questions. Why must I continue to chase my governor all over this state?” Said Amy Brown, a resident of Belmont, NC. “I need a governor that doesn’t require chasing after.”

Also in attendance was Wake County public school teacher Kristin Beller, who wanted ask McCrory about funding for TAs and textbooks. “I'm a teacher and I can tell you that our public schools are not feeling a "Carolina Comeback,” said Kristin Beller. “If this is a "Carolina Comeback," when are the classroom supplies coming back? When are the textbooks coming back for our students?  When are 3,000 teaching assistants coming back?”

“Not one of the dozens of questions submitted in advance by voters in North Carolina was addressed by Governor McCrory tonight. If you’re going to have a town hall event, you should expect to hear from voters.” said Gerrick Brenner, executive director of Progress NC Action. “Instead Governor McCrory had no interest in answering questions from real voters. That’s not the kind of leader our state needs.”


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    I have followed Amy Brown's indefatigable efforts to get the NC Govt to acknowledge it's duty of care to it's citizens in removing these poisonous coal ash deposits contaminating 100s of families' water supplies. From the get go, Governor McCrory & his department of Health & Human services senior Staffers have studiously sought to delay and avoid acting decisively to fix this problem. Interminable Public hearings aimed at evaluating and classifying the extent of the problem at the various impoundment sites have been a spectacular failure. Clearly, this administration is not seriously committed to formulating a workable solution to eliminate this serious threat to people's health.
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