In NC, Longest Serving Teachers Set to Get Smallest Raises

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“There’s a real sense of confusion,” said Ann Petitjean, president of the Forsyth County Association of Educators. “It certainly looks like they do not value their veteran teachers very much.”

The Winston-Salem Journal exposes the truth behind the so-called 7% pay raise for teachers that is about to be approved by Republican state lawmakers in the North Carolina General Assembly.

Why are veteran teachers getting less, in some cases a lot less?  Read about it here.

Speaker Thom Tillis, Gov. Pat McCrory, & Sen. Phil Berger are poised to pass a budget which give veteran teachers a lower pay raise than new teachers. A teacher with 30-years of experience will get a 1% raise.




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    Deborah Strum
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    The Governor and the NC House did the best they could with this budget. The NC Senate, however, have some sort of outlying agenda. They sort of compromised on the wage increase; but, Sen. Jerry Tillman blurted out intent (July 8 N&O), "We'll get rid of tenure in 2018. That issue will be settled."
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    Robin McConnell
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    No worries! We will get ride of YOU in the next election!!
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