How Much Would Your Family Have Saved If The Sales Tax Holiday Was Still In Effect?

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Back in 2013, as part of the Republican's massive tax giveaway to the wealthy, they got rid of the Sales Tax Holiday, which was a lifeline for working families across our state as they shopped for back to school supplies for their children.

In 2012 alone, families in North Carolina saved $13.6 million dollars during the tax free weekend. With so many in our state still struggling to recover from the recession, these savings were critical for their household budgets. And with schools struggling for funding, many teachers relied on the sales tax holiday to purchase hundreds of dollars in classroom supplies. 

Fortunately for many families, SC, TN and GA still have sales tax holidays, and many NC families and teachers travel across state lines to buy their school supplies. We've created this calculator to let you see how much you and your family would have saved if the Sales Tax Holiday was still in effect, or how much you might save if you go to SC during their tax free weekend.  

NOTE: Sales tax rate is set at 6.75% in this calculator, but in some counties that rate is higher.


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