House Coal Ash Plan Gives Duke Energy More Options

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Last week the NC Senate passed a coal ash plan last week that doesn't do enough and gives Duke Energy the ability to raise rates to pay for their mess. Now the House proposed plan gives Duke Energy even more flexibility, allowing the State Environmental Secretary to extend clean-up deadline for Duke. The News and Record has some details of the proposal, 

The House’s proposed version would let the state environmental secretary extend the deadline for Duke Energy to close ponds.

Coal ash, which is left over after coal is burned to produce electricity, contains heavy metals and other contaminants.

The legislation was spurred by Feb. 2 spill at the retired Duke Energy Dan River Steam Station near Eden. Up to 39,000 tons of coal ash dumped into the water from a broken stormwater pipe.

The Senate approved legislation that would close four coal ash ponds by 2019. Other, low-risk ponds could take 15 years to close.

The House’s proposed version of the bill provides Duke Energy a way around those deadlines by allowing the environmental secretary to grant Duke more time to meet closure deadlines.

The House version of the bill also deletes a requirement that capped ponds have a system to collect liquids that seep from the impoundment.

We need leaders in Raleigh to stand up to Duke Energy and protect the drinking water of millions of North Carolinians. Email your legislators and demand that Duke Energy cleans up all of the coal ash pits without rate increases for customers who've done nothing wrong


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