Give North Carolinians What They Want: Close the Health Care Gap

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Majority of North Carolinians want to close the health care gap and help the 350,000 people that are stuck in it. Support for the expansion comes from all parties showing this issue is widely agreed on across the state. Gov. McCrory and politicians need to wake up and make changes to give the people what they want.  

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Conducted by the liberal-leaning Public Policy Polling, the survey of more than 2,000 North Carolina voters shows 72 percent overall would support expansion, including 62 percent of Republicans and 62 percent of unaffiliated voters surveyed.

"This poll shows that there is widespread, bipartisan support for closing the health insurance coverage gap," said Michelle Hughes, executive director of NC Child, the group that commissioned the poll and that has lobbied for Medicaid expansion. "We hope this sends a clear message to Governor McCrory and state legislators that all North Carolina voters will support an effort to expand health insurance coverage. This data should give comfort to conservative candidates who haven’t been sure what their constituents think on this issue."

When Congress passed the Affordable Care Act in 2010, it made expanding Medicaid to cover a large swath of uninsured individuals mandatory. A subsequent U.S. Supreme Court ruling said states should have an option of whether to expand, and North Carolina opted not to. That decision leaves about 350,000 people in a coverage gap because they don't qualify for Medicaid but aren't helped enough, if at all, by Affordable Care Act subsidies.


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    Michelle Benskin
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    Please help these 350,000 people and expand this. It will give the people of NC a competitive range also, which it's unreasonable that there is only 1-2 providers for the ACA in our state, driving prices up. Wake up and see most of us are pushing for a ONE provider health care in the future to begin with!!
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    Jennifer Turner
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    Give the NC people their money back. This Medicaid expansion money belongs to people of this state. I work at a not-for-profit hospital and I know that your inability to work beyond your petty dislike of our President and expand Medicaid for your poorest people - has hurt everyone.
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