The HB2 Fallout Continues: Fox, A&E to Boycott NC

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A&E and FOX currently have productions for shows in NC but once they wrap, the producers plan to boycott the state in a stand against Governor McCrory's discriminatory law. This withdrawal from NC by the studios and major networks will affect jobs and our economy. So much for the "Carolina Comeback."

Read on to TV Guide here: 

"Production on Six is already under way, however we will not consider North Carolina for any new productions," said an A&E spokeswoman to Variety.

As for Fox, which also began production on Shots Fired already, the network stated, "On behalf of our creative partners and colleagues who made commitments to shoot in North Carolina prior to this bill being signed, we join the growing coalition of businesses that hope to see this act repealed. In addition, we will reconsider future filming commitments in North Carolina if the Act is not repealed."

Georgia governor vetoes anti-gay bill after threatened boycotts

 Similar legislation was halted in Georgia (whose governor vowed to veto the bill) when pressure mounted from major Hollywood studios, including Disney and its lucrative Marvel's Cinematic Universe. Both claimed they would stop filming in the state should the legislation pass. While North Carolina doesn't host as much production as Georgia, the loss of major studios and networks would still affect jobs and publicity for the area. A repeal is also much harder than preventing a law from being signed in the first place as the state legislature will have to vote to undo the new legislation.


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    McCrory and the NC legislators already have shown they don't give a damn about film and TV production jobs, they cut out the incentives we fought so hard to get that build up this industry in NC. Then put a piddly little package together afterwards.
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    Patty Caldwell
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    North Carolina will change their tune,because everyone sadly knows "Money" trumps human right's...<br /> Politicians haven't a clue how to stop this despicable "outdated" Discrimination,so Hollywood steps in and takes care of business? What's wrong with this picture?
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    Patty Caldwell
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    North Carolina will change their tune,because everyone sadly knows "Money" trumps human right's...<br /> Politicians haven't a clue how to stop this despicable "outdated" Discrimination,so Hollywood steps in and takes care of business? What's wrong with this picture?
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    Its simple,,impeach the bigot responsible,,problem solved.
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    Everyone should have rights to their own beliefs. One person's belief should not trump another. Gender identity is a mental condition. You cannot change chromosomes. I absolutely do not want a biological male to have restroom access when my little girl is using the same restroom. This gives pedophiles the rights to dress as a woman to have access to my child. Sorry to offend, but my child comes first. I am not accusing those that have gender identity issues, but those that use the opportunity to take advantage of having access to a woman's restroom. What about my right to not have to use the restroom with someone that has a penis? I guess Hollywood does not care about my rights.
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    Kim-I too am a parent of a daughter-and it would be harder to explain why a man (who happened to be born biologically as a woman) was in the woman's restroom with her. <br /> <br /> You probably know someone who is trans and have no idea-believe it or not, the transition can and usually is pretty complete.<br /> <br /> You are reacting out of fear of something you really don't know or understand. I understand your fear-but do some research. Look at the challenge these people go through-they are suffering in the body of the wrong gender, and not pedophiles. They are humans with feelings just like you and I-they want to use the restroom that they identify with and quite frankly, they would draw more attention for using the restroom of their biological sex than that which they identify with.<br /> <br /> Finally-I really don't understand the fascination with bathrooms-there are stalls with locks. If your child is too young to properly use a stall-with a lock-then they should be least with someone they know being in the area of the restroom. <br /> <br /> Best wishes too you...
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    omg Justin, thank you for saying everything I was thinking. I too have a daughter, but she is two I will be in the restroom with her at all times. Even when she is able to use the restroom alone I will be in the outside area restroom.
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    To quote Kim: Everyone should have rights to their own beliefs. One person's belief should not trump another. <br /> <br /> One's rights to one's religious beliefs doesn't entitle one to legally discriminate against those your religious beliefs make you not like.<br /> <br /> How would you like it if it was legal to discriminate against you, Kim, because you're a woman or because you're a Christian?<br /> <br /> Both are illegal. So why should you get to discriminate against the LGBT while being protected from discrimination yourself?
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    Pressure Mounts. The Governor will cave. His own Judiciary will not support prosecutions. He has no choice. Wisely, NC Voters? Get rid of him.
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    The law is for safety particularly for kids. There are only 2 genders a He and a She. If you are a He use the He restroom if you are She use the She restroom. That's plain and simple and not Bigotry.
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    You know, trans folks have been using the gender identity restrooms for years now. And to my knowledge, I have not heard a single incident of assault by a transgender individual on a person or child. And certainly not one which took place in a public restroom. Not one incident!! I have heard of transgender people being attacked by others. So now we are protecting folks from "what ifs", and from boggy men under the bed and monsters in the closet. Oh yea....pedophiles are generally middle age men who are straight and married. Are we going to make a law restricting where middle age men who are straight and married can go?
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    Are the "straights" in N.C so worried about their own sexuality that they feel they must remove all temptation lest they BECOME one of "THEM". Believe me I've had the pleasure of having friends from both sides of the fence and to tell you the truth the LBGT PEOPLE ARE THE KINDEST, MOST HONEST PEOPLE that anyone would be honored to call friend.
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    Parents and people supporting the bill, are claiming that they are protecting women and children. Bills should take measures to protect EVERYONE! Those who are concerned about sexual predators, please do your homework. Being transgendered does not make for a person to be a pedophile. Stats and studies show that pedophiles are normally STRAIGHT males, and, there is that small percentage that are STRAIGHT females. View and listen to the news. Whenever there has been a case regarding capture and arrest of pedophiles, it has ALWAYS been STRAIGHT people, not transgendered individuals! People awake up! What you are claiming is concern and taking measures to ensure the safety and welfare of women and children, simply is not true. It is simply pure bigotry, and ignorance! You are afraid of what you do not understand.
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    Your un-based fear has caused this mess. Now you will have Trans-men using a womans bathroom because his original gender identity was female....that's the new law. The same will happen in men's rooms, where Trans-women now have to go. Except there, they will be beaten up or worse. This has all been going on for centuries. Have any grandmothers ever been assaulted as children by a Trans person, have any mothers been assaulted by a Trans woman, have any daughters been assaulted? They wanted you to fear because they wanted you tomake them pass the bill...out of your fear....your baseless fear.
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    The restroom issue, while discouraging, is not the sum of HB2. And it is not the only thing driving businesses away from NC. PLEASE read the whole thing. It removes protections for the entire LGBT community. It eliminates a path through our state system for meaningful accountability for ANY victim of discrimination (race, religion, age, gender, etc). It undermines the authority of local government. ALL of this hidden in a bill about who can use what bathroom. While we argue about bathroom access, the other hand is wiping away our rights. Everyone is entitled to their opinion - I genuinely respect that. But PLEASE read the whole thing.
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    McCrory screwed the filming community as soon as he came on as governor when he rescinded the incentives for filming here. Now he is letting businesses drop like flies because he and others are reacting out of fear and moral issues and not human rights. It is not the LGBT community I am afraid of, it is white men like McCrory (and Trump and Cruz) who have agendas that do not cover the whole scope of North Carolinia.. Don't you think it is ironic that Charlotte was the community that got this rolling???? His own hometown! HA! And look at the other bill attached to HB2...the one about NOT being able as a state to increase wages like California and New York just did. What about this thing the GOP wants to give more rights to the states...they only want what they want. And you out there that are fearful of pediphiles...go INTO the bathroom with your child! I did that for years and it was not when LGBT was the issue! LBGT persons are NOT the is strictly pedophiles that NOW could dress as a woman vs a man and go into a bathroom BECAUSE of this damn bill! Cant you see what you have done? McCrory will sink this state in more ways than this one with his agenda which is not mine!
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    This bill was simply completely wrong. Pedophiles in bathrooms? Any instances of that happening you can point to? No? Huh. Bigoted hysteria, much? Maybe that's all there is. <br /> Here's a thought: take off the signs on bathrooms that say Men and Women and put up signs that say Bathroom.<br /> Problem, not that there really is one, solved
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    FarmerTom is right on. The bigotry and hatred displayed here are unreal. No wonder we are heading backwards as a nation! Frankly, I"m happy to see so many companies pulling out of such a hate filled state!!! It sends a pretty clear message.
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    Arthur Frayne
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    The people of NC must be held accountable for the representatives they elect. Too bad good people will suffer, but hopefully it will inspire them to get off their @$$ and vote! The difference from ANY state being red or blue is the people who sit at home on election day.
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    In the entire United States, there have been more US Senators convicted of restroom dallying then transgender people. Oh, and the number of convicted sex offender Senators is exactly one. <br /> <br /> I'd be willing to bet that at least 75% of the people with their knickers in a twist about sharing a restroom with transfolks have probably shared a restroom with a transgender person in the past year and not even known it. <br /> <br /> Did you know that there is absolutely NO legal definition of "Man" or "Woman" that can stand up to any kind of scientific scrutiny. Chromosomes? 10% of humans have all kinds of sex chromosome abnormalities that don't show up externally. Genitalia? Secondary sexual characteristics? Please! Birth defects, accidents, diseases, etc. make those totally arbitrary. Birth certificate? Because doctors are infallible and no one ever changes as they grow.<br /> <br /> Oh, and did you know that snuck into this law is a little bit that says if you think you have been discriminated against for ANY reason, you can no longer sue for such discrimination? So, if you get fired or paid less or evicted for being too fat or too female or too old or too short, take it to Federal court. NC ain't helping you any more.
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    Pedophiles didn't need a law to dress up as a woman so that they could go into the women's bathroom. That is the stupidest reasoning I've ever heard of. Fear mongering is all that is. I always made sure my children never went into a public bathroom alone, that is called responsible parenting. We don't need this law.
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    It's not just about bathrooms people! HB2 has removed the right to sue for discrimination! Not just LGBT discrimination, but anything! Age, race, religion, veterans, disability etc. Everyone should be upset about the rights ALL of us citizens of NC have lost. Without the right to sue, it has effectively made it legal to discriminate with no fear of consequences.
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    For those that keep saying there have been zero cases. Here is a video that has a few. <br /> <br />;<br /> <br /> Everyone has a right to pursue their own happiness in our country. Anyone can be LGBT , It makes not one difference to me. I respect all people regardless of color or sexual preference or orientation or gender. I have friends and family that are gay men and women.<br /> However, lying about things that you clearly do not or will not research before you tell it shouldn't be acceptable. <br /> <br /> We should all come together in this country before the government and the media tear us apart. <br /> Understand that is the plan people.
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    Fermin, what you said is not only bigotry, it's pretty much a shining example of bigotry.
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    Jan Schmidt
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    This law is not just about bathrooms. It opens the door to discriminate against LBGT folks in jobs, housing, business, etc, based on religious beliefs. It also allows the state to pre-empt local government on local laws protecting from discrimination, minimum wage issues, etc. Religious beliefs was the same excuse used to discriminate against people of color ..... it was said God did not want the races to mix; that God made POC less smart; that God did not want us drinking from the same water fountains. Today we know that was just an ugly and erroneous excuse to discriminate. Let us not go down that path again.
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    Bob Black
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    I really don't mind these productions leave. Not much of a threat. These production companies always want subsidies and really never provide any good stable wage living jobs.
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    Agreed these production companies are really no good for the state. They take our subsidies then complain when things don't go thier way. We need to spend that money in a more efficient manner on our state like job training. These production job are part time, pay little and offer no benefits.
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    Disgusted: You are a big part of the problem in this country. You just attached someone for the opinion they have. We all don't agree but we can get along and have a discussion. You however are the type of person that is causing the great divide in this country. Your behavior certainly does not reflect tollorance and understanding so I'm not sure what you represent.
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    Fermin, in your home growing up, did your parents maintain both a He and a She bathroom? What is the problem? What goes on in your cis assigned public bathrooms?
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    I'm glad to see a state with gumption. Ot's the job of the government to listen to the people not the special interest. I'm thinking all this PC bullcrap has gotten out of hand and the "silent majority" is now fighting back...btw, I'm gay.
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    Don't worry Fermin. The liberals like James are getting desperate by asking you stupid question like that. This is exactly what Bill was refering too.
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    If we really want to address an issue with a law we should seriously consider banning all priests from any association with young people. Now that's a law I would back because there's established precedent.
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    Damm Frank you're a real nut. Lets be serious.
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    Yes Steve I guess Progress Nc Action stands for Progress Nut Case Action.
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    Some of us don't want our daughters and any guy peeing in the same restroom. How long have we had separate bathrooms? Was there ever a reason? Nuff said. And, some of us have actual respect for others and don't have to be PC by appearance. That's all it is: appearance. I respect differences and recognize them. If companies choose to make the appearance that they are PC so as to not lose favor with like-minded cowards of society; Grow a set and be honest. It's PC that is hurting our society, thus country.
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    Warren Foil
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    All Hail the JOB CREATORS !
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    Stephen B
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    For the idiots that say they are worried about their children. How are you going to explain to your child that a trans sees a female to male in the ladies room? To the child it gives the appearance that it is normal to see a man in the ladies room. (The child is not going to comprehend what transgender is) That child is going to think it is normal to see a man in the ladies bathroom. What will happen if a real man that means to cause your child harm is in the ladies room? As being your child has witnessed it in the past, the child is going to think it is normal and will trust this man!
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    eric britt
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    No one should have to worry about finding an ackward character sharing the same bathroom, especially when you and possibly your children are most vulnerable. Sexually sick people should get help with your feelings, stop imposing on decency.<br /> <br /> Éric Britt
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    avery habel
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    did it not cross anybodys mind that pedophiles come in both genders and perhaps the pedophile is a woman, with a womans natural body and genitals. always assuming that trans are peophiles, always thinking the worst. my children might have gone in the stall alone, but until they were at least 12 and loud as hell, i was outside the door of that stall. blaming trans gender, and males transitioning is wrong. suck it up buttercup, protect your child by using the family bathroom if you think the main stalls are full of evil
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    Please, no women standing at the mens' urinal. How can anyone not support HB2?
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    Please, no women standing at the mens' urinal. How can anyone not support HB2?
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    The point is, most people want bathrooms separate and apart. In fact, I know not one woman that wants to share a bathroom with a man she doesn't know or give permission to in advance. We're doing nothing new here but enforcing the laws of the last 500 years. This law also extends protections to shower and other facilities. If you are truly transgender, you have been sliced, diced, and have the surgeon's documentation to prove it. Until then, follow the law and sensitivities of those around you. Simply wearing a dress does not a woman make. Just ask Klinger .......
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    HB2 uses "biological sex, as designated on one's birth certificate" as the determinant for public restroom use. However, the words, "male" and "female" have no uniform ability to predict anatomy. This law demonstrates the lack of education among GOP legislators and their followers. It is legal for a woman, designated as female on her birth certificate and still have private parts traditionally regarded as male, to enter a NC ladies' room or locker room. How's that? People live in NC who were born elsewhere. A growing number of states, among them hugely populated CA and NY, no longer require gender-reassignment-surgery (per recommendation of the American Medical Association) as a condition for changing the gender on a birth certificate. Think Caitlyn Jenner, born in NY, with a NY certificate that says female.<br /> <br /> Additionally, NC pediatric endocrinologists have signed a petition asking for the repeal of HB2, calling it "inherently flawed and potentially harmful" to their patients who, as babies, were born with characteristics of biological sex divergence. These babies are assigned a gender, which is quite possibly wrong, these doctors state. In time, which might be years, the gender identity of these children will generally be affirmed as male or female. Biological sex divergence refers to a mismatch of anatomy, sex chromosomes, hormones, and/or other factors. <br /> Simply put, the law is bogus. Chicken Little said the sky is falling and got a huge following. While the sky's not falling, the GOP is preying on citizens like an immature parent who delights in sharing nightmarish boogeyman tales to trusting children. For those who fell for the big-bad-wolf-dressed-in-drag in the ladies' room, you've been scammed. The law is unenforceable and "male" and "female" do not deliver on the GOP promise of "anatomical uniformity" in the state's restrooms. Republicans and Democrats are politicians...not to be trusted to tell the truth! They can be counted on to concoct anything out of thin air if they think it will buy votes. HB2 has backfired on these bumbling, ignorant politicians. And conservative Christians don't have the smarts, in terms of critical thinking skills (most have just a high school education) to see this as an election year ploy.
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    How many people are worried about their sons in a male bathroom? Men assault and abuse boys daily. But I bet you don't take your son to the female bathroom because who wants to see a male in there?<br /> So would you leave your son alone in a male bathroom? That's the risk of bathrooms.
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    And all those people worried about explaining a man in a female bathroom? Most transwomen look / try to look feminine. There are some women who look butch. Does that worry you? There are some transmen who have beards. They have to go to the female bathroom as well. How would you explain that?
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    If your Fear is men dressing as woman to molest your kids is public bathrooms..(In which Transgender Have Been Using For Years)<br /> Then to Appease Everyone...<br /> Them <br /> Then Pass A Law making all Public Restrooms (Except Where there is only one stall with locking door) Provide (3) Bathrooms..Men..Woman...Gender Friendly....<br /> Would be cheaper than being Boycotted by both sides...<br /> Won't stop the Preditors from molesting &amp; raping But will stop the Hateful Bigotted Treatment of The LGBT Community...<br /> So try spending all your Time &amp; Energy on the real problem...<br /> Straight Men who are the Majority of who Rape &amp; Molest(((<br /> Or is this just an excuse to Spew Hate????
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