McCrory's Discrimination Pushes Away Even More NC Jobs

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Lionsgate is pulling the plug on any new productions taking place in North Carolina. The film industry already took a hard hit in NC with Governor McCrory's removal of tax incentives and now his discriminatory law is taking away even more jobs. 

Read the full editorial from the Charlotte Observer here: 

The Santa Monica, Calif.-based studio had intended to shoot the pilot for “Crushed” in the Charlotte area. The comedy starring Regina Hall is about an African-American family and their Napa wine business.

Film industry backlash is the latest business reaction to the controversial new law, signed March 23 by Gov. Pat McCrory.

Jennifer Irvine, who was hired as the local production office coordinator for the show, said the studio informed employees March 24 that it was pulling the plug on the show. Several contractors also confirmed they were told the show had been pulled in Charlotte.

Lionsgate representatives did not return multiple requests for comment. A representative from the state’s film commission declined to comment on the project.

Pre-production work on “Crushed” was to start in early April, and filming was set to begin in May, Irvine said. It’s now going to be filmed in Vancouver, Canada. It’s unclear how many local workers the project affected.

Irvine, who previously worked on the Showtime show “Homeland,” said the film industry in Charlotte was already suffering after the elimination of a state tax credit program in 2014.

“When we lost our tax incentives a year ago, I lost my work at that point,” she said. “We were just starting to trickle back. And now when (McCrory) signed that bill, he tainted the film industry all over again.”

The new North Carolina LGBT bill was a response to a provision in Charlotte’s expanded nondiscrimination ordinance that would have allowed transgender people to use the bathroom that corresponds to the gender with which they identify. Other major corporationslike American Airlines and Apple, as well as sports organizations like the NBA, have similarly voiced their disapproval.

Lionsgate will finish filming the musical “Dirty Dancing” in North Carolina, given how far along the project is. The studio said House Bill 2 is “deplorable and discriminatory, and it runs counter to everything we stand for,” according to a letter obtained by the Observer that was issued by Lionsgate on behalf of “Dirty Dancing.”

“We will be hard pressed to continue our relationship with North Carolina if this regressive law remains on the books,” the letter states.



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    Just another liberal article trying to force cool-aide down the throats of everyone. If people want to be Whitney babies, good-bye and good riddance. North Carolina is a wonderful state and we certainly will not miss anyone that wants to "ban" us. The governor has established some kind of protection for some of the population. Personally, the only thing bothering me is that a biological male having access to the same restroom as my little girl. He could have gender identity or any male pretending to be transgender should not have access to my designated restroom. What about my rights? I suppose I do not have any?
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    This is to Kim. I to inform you this but what this new law has now done is force people that have had sex changes to use their birth genders bathroom. <br /> <br /> I have seen a few "men" go into women's restrooms now. While at one time they were women they are no longer but hey law is the law all it did was make it more uncomfortable for many people on both sides. While you are welcome to your thoughts, do not think for one minute this law is good. <br /> <br /> It removes ALL discrimination rights, good luck women no more protections in NC anymore, got fired for being black to bad got fired for being a woman to bad you are no longer protected period. It also will not allow a city to raise its minimum wage above the states minimum wage. <br /> <br /> So Kim please at least understand the bill before you try to go after a lone group. And I hope for your sake a large group of post op trans men go into the restroom with you so you and your kids are surrounded by a bunch of guys waiting to use a stall.<br /> <br /> Stupid hateful bill, I was once a conservative. Then I moved to NC and see how far back it is socially and economically and the only thing that could save the state is progression.
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    North Carolinians really need to understand the difference between "transgender" &amp; "transvestite" ... (speaking of drinking Kool-aid, Kim). While you're at it, get a new catchphrase.
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    This bill doesn't protect and children or women from a sexual predator. Which, by the way fill rolls in everyday life where you never suspect them. NOT trans gender people. Like stated above, it does however take away protection for age, sex, and minority discrimination. Helping victims of sex offenders, would mean a completely different kind of legislation that would mean harsher sentencing for all sex offenders. Instead of the slap on the wrist they get now. #factcheck
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    frannie amoruso
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    You have caused our state much. It's your turn to leave
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    Caitlin craven
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    This bill is so unbelievably disgusting and makes me so ashamed to be from NC. We used to be such a progressive state! Now this legislation makes us look like a state of non-thinking, backwoods, hateful and short sighted people! How can you do this to a state you claim to love!?
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