Editorial: Vote THEM out to fix our brand, grow NC's economy

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From losing businesses and the NCAA tournament to concerts boycotting North Carolina, we've lost hundreds of millions of dollars due to the discriminatory HB2. However, McCrory and the State Department of Commerce refuse to acknowledge the economic loss associated with HB2, continuing to back the bill.

There's an election in just over a week and polls are already open. Time for new leadership in Raleigh. 

From the Capitol Broadcasting Company Editorial:

On Monday afternoon the governor of Virginia announced that CoStar group, a real estate information and analytics company, would be bringing 730 jobs to Richmond for its new research operations headquarters. Charlotte had been the top contender, but CoStar’s objections to House Bill 2 knocked the city out of consideration. 1

“HB2 is the problem,” David Dorsch, senior vice president of Cushman & Wakefield’s Charlotte Office, told the Charlotte Business Journal. Cushman & Wakefield was representing CoStar nationally and Dorsch said he’d been working with the company in its local real estate search.

Shortly before Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s announcement, N.C. Secretary of Commerce John Skvarla, in Charlotte, declared of HB2: “It hasn’t moved the needle one iota” on economic development or jobs.

Skvarla is a smart, hard-working secretary of commerce who is loyal to his boss, Gov. Pat McCrory. On HB2 his loyalty is misplaced. HB2 DOES HURT North Carolina’s economy. CoStar is just the latest example. The Department of Commerce and Skvarla have no credibility when they ignore reality.

What we have here is a disaster. It has tarnished our state’s once-proud brand. It is reviled as the epitome of legalized discrimination and the world knows it.



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