Forget the All Star Game. HB2 Puts Entire Hornets Franchise At Risk

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NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has said that the NBA is considering moving the All-Star game, currently set for Charlotte, unless there is a change to HB2. He has gone further to suggest that the bigger problem for the NBA now is having the Hornets franchise in North Carolina . The loss of the NBA team to Charlotte and NC would be a huge economic setback, one of the many since HB2's signing. 

Watch the video from WCNC:


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    Steven Ellenburg
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    The Republicans are in a vengeful mood.....this is government by revenge. They couldn't care less about the economy of Charlotte. They are delighted that the metropolitan areas are being hit economically. They want the influence of the metropolitan areas of NC to lessen anyway. They are the opposite of statesmen. This is a sad time for North Carolina.
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    rick McInvaill
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    Wasting all of this time and losing all this money because you're worried where somebody takes a shit?! Someone has WAY too much time on their hands.
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    Take the franchise and stick it up your butt Adam Silver. The safety of women and children is more important than a basketball team
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    Bradley Bleck
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    I hear Seattle is interested in a team. ;-)
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    JD do you realize who women and children should fear? The "next door neighbor", the coach, the teacher, etc, etc. Safety my ass....this is all about control, the taking away of our basic rights. This is only the beginning.....what's next? Let's see..... Social Security, health care, a woman's right to her own body, the right to protect ourselves, etc, etc.
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    Hey, JD - Show us the Data (that's "numbers" for your edification) on women and children molested or raped in public restrooms by Transgender people!!?! <br /> <br /> Because We CAN give you numbers for GOP elected officials who have molested children and/or raped women!!!
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    Jeremy T. Cochran
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    For people that don't know what gender they are, need a 'special' bathroom. Since the NBA is so concerned retrofit all NBA sites for a 3rd bathroom. <br /> <br /> The NBA has plenty of money. The sign would be easy to print. At no cost to the NBA I offer this free graphic for the entries; ?.<br /> <br /> Adjust the font as needed.<br /> <br /> The sad thing is more people will pitch a fit over the '?', than the fact the money made by the NBA could feed the poor.
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    David Cohen
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    Jeremy T. Cochran. Transgender people know what gender they are. It just may not be the one on their birth certificates. There is no need for a "special" bathroom. The only need is for bigots to get their heads out of their a$$e$.
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    Zoe Brain
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    I confess it eludes me how forcing thousands of NC men - most Intersex rather than Trans - to use female restrooms increases the safety of women and children. Surely it would be far easier for a pervert to pretend to be a Trans man than a Trans woman? What am I missing here?
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