New Hanover County Student Speaks Out Against HB2

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A student of New Hanover County Schools took to the podium to discuss HB2, the issues her friend, a transgender boy, has faced and the fact that his identity and the HB2 law prevent him from using the facilities that he identifies with at his own school. 

Wilmington Star News:

She took the podium and told board members about her classmate: a transgender boy who is still required to use the girls' locker rooms and bathrooms.

Speaker T.R. Nunley, a transgender man, told the board because his birth certificate still lists him as female, he's required to use the women's restroom despite his identity and masculine appearance. He said for young kids, school is a time of often painful self-discovery and pressures.

"One more pressure: you don’t match everyone else's identity. What do you? What you don’t do is ignore it," Nunley said.


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