HB2 determining how people view North Carolina

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HB2 has had a resounding impact in not only frustrating North Carolinians over the absurdity of this discriminatory measure, but has affected how others across the US view North Carolina and their opposition against the HB2 bill. 


A parent wrote asking whether to go through with a planned annual family reunion held in a beach house in North Carolina in light of HB2 and what the parent called her 6-year-old's "gender nonconformity."

"Not only are we worried that residents might single out our somewhat ambiguous-looking child, but we also wonder if we are obligated to explain the situation to J.G., who doesn't know about the law or the extent of the animus toward L.G.B.T. people,"  the query read in part.

"According to recent surveys, a large percentage of people in North Carolina oppose HB2. In fact, because of the news coverage of the law and the moving resistance to it by so many people in the state, you may encounter more expressions of support than you'd expect," he wrote.

Supporters of HB2 have been talking about a recent tally of the home states of signatories of a petition against HB2 delivered to Gov. Pat McCrory's office April 25. The existence of the figures was first reported by Raleigh-based North State Journal.

The figures compiled by a McCrory staffer say only about 8 percent of the 221,333 people who signed the petition were North Carolinians. Nearly 97,000 signatures came from California, 18,452 North Carolinians signed and Illinois had the next largest number at 18,207.

 The petition numbers coming from all 50 states illustrate the relative discontent not only among North Carolinians, but across other states at the controversial HB2 bill. As the debate on LGBT rights continues to proliferate throughout the country hopefully North Carolina will be able to move forward and repeal this piece of legislation as it not only erodes individual civil liberties, but also tarnishes the reputation of our state. 


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