Gun bill would allow concealed carry on House and Senate floor

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House Bill 562 has attracted a lot of attention for several of its provisions, including the removal of a state required background check before purchases. However, another provision that is creating concern is one which would allow lawmakers and their staffs to carry concealed weapons in the legislature. Allowing people to carry firearms in a public space, especially one frequented by activists, protesters, and schoolchildren, has some worried about safety.

Meyer noted that hundreds of people visit the legislature every day, including citizens lobbying their representatives and senators and students on school field trips.

"I don't think, when they walk through the doors, they're considering who's carrying a weapon," he said. "I think we need to do our best to make sure weapons aren't even part of the equation for those people that come here expecting to see government and nothing more."

Speciale called that argument a red herring, saying that he doesn't believe lawmakers carrying concealed handguns would pose a safety risk.

"There's guns around schoolkids all the time. People are walking around that you wouldn't even believe that are carrying."



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