Teachers, Parents Stand Up for the Schools Our Students Deserve

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Local educators in Alamance are fighting for the Schools our Students Deserve and recently had a news conference to demand more from politicians in Raleigh. This type of action is what's needed to get the attention of the legislature and Governor McCrory for the funding our schools need. 

Read on to the Time-News here: 

“We share their deep concerns over the education policies of Governor (Pat) McCrory and the North Carolina General Assembly,” the organization says in material handed out at the news conference. “Year after year, our Alamance County State Senator Rick Gunn and House Representatives Stephen Ross and Dennis Riddell have supported laws that hurt our state’s students.”

The Alamance NAACP supports the association’s request for the Alamance-Burlington Board of Education to adopt three resolutions that ask McCrory and the General Assembly:

 To raise per-pupil spending for public education to nationwide standards;

 To abandon the A–F grading system for schools in favor of a system that emphasizes student growth rather than standardized test scores; and

 To keep local school improvement initiatives accountable to local elected representatives.



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    There is nothing more important to the future of NC and North Carolinians than investing in education -- public education.
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