Greenville Lawmaker Shadows Teacher Assistants

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Joining a number of his colleagues who have also taken up the challenge, State Senator Don Davis visited a local elementary school recently to shadow a TA and find out first hand the value they bring to students. 

From the Greenville Daily Reflector,

However, Crass only is with Downing’s class for half the day before she moves on to work with a first-grade class. After recess, Downing is on her own, meaning she will have to stop doing assessments for the day. 

“You can’t leave a group of kindergarten children by themselves in this class,” Creekside Principal Carla Frinsko said.

Teacher assistants across North Carolina are being stretched thin as their coworkers lose their jobs due to lack of state funding. Sen. Don Davis, a Democrat who represents Pitt, Greene, Lenoir and Wayne counties, visited Creekside Elementary School on Friday to get a first-hand glimpse of what teacher assistants do on a daily basis.

“Teacher assistants, they play such a critical role in the classroom,” Davis said. “If we truly believe students are our future, we need to make meaningful investments in making sure they get the best education possible.”

Crass said in the 10 years she has been a teacher assistant, her responsibilities have gotten greater while the amount of time she has to get everything done has decreased.

“Originally, we lost 10 workdays,” she said. “That’s 10 days I could’ve helped the teacher get ready. Then my hours were cut from eight hours to seven and a half hours.”

Now, she is shared between two teachers.



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    Lawmakers of North Carolina are telling the citizens of North Carolina and other states that education has no value in our state. They have pushed education and all those involved in the education process to the bottom of the barrel. The budget only proves how little they value education.<br /> How do they expect to bring new businesses to this state if they do not have the education available for the future of these businesses? If we devalue our education system the we are telling our children that they don't really need school - so drop out as soon as you can!<br /> Do these politicians not have families, children, grandchildren or even friends with children under the age of 18? Do they not realized that they are diminishing their own future and at the same time leaving a dark mark on the history of North Carolina that will become their legacy? It is clear that what matters to them is what they put into their bank accounts now and not what they provide for the betterment of the next generation or the North Carolina of tomorrow.<br /> <br /> It is funny to see that they promote keeping NC clean and green for tomorrows generation yet they refuse to provide anything for that generation. The future of NC will be to see how we can get the few that are educated and still living here to provide for all the uneducated and poorly educated that this senate and congress leaves us with. Yet you see they have no worries because the educators in the great state of NC will take it on their backs to see that regardless of how little they are paid or appreciated by the governing body on NC, that the amazing children in this state do not suffer educationally because of it!! Unlike politicians; educators have a heart and a passion for what they do and to see a child's face light up when they master a new skill is reward enough. They don't have to line their pockets with gold but it would be nice if they didn't have to stress over making ends meet because of their low pay!!!! Of course. that's not something this senate and congress has to stress about nor will they because they have appropriated their high salaries and retirement benefits in the budget at the expense of ALL NC educators and citizens alike.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> f
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