Another City Council Publicly Opposes McCrory's Discriminatory HB2

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The Greenville City Council has joined a growing number of local governing bodies who are voicing their opposition to HB2. Hopefully with this type of action enough statements will be heard by the General Assembly to repeal this discriminatory law. 

Read the full article from the Daily Reflector here:

The resolution, which asks state lawmakers to address restrictions that House Bill 2 places on the authority of local governments, was approved by a 4-1 vote. District 5 Councilman P.J. Connelly voted against the resolution. District 2 Councilwoman Rose Glover did not attend Monday’s meeting due to health reasons.

House Bill 2, passed during a special session on March 23, puts in place a statewide policy that bans individuals from using public bathrooms that do not correspond to their biological sex. The bill also reserves the right to pass nondiscrimination legislation to the state government, saying state laws pre-empt any local ordinances. The bill also prevents municipalities from setting minimum wage standards higher than the state’s minimum wage.

“The City Council believes that the North Carolina General Assembly, in enacting House Bill 2, unduly restricted the ability of local elected officials to make decisions that meet the needs of their community by taking away, from all North Carolina cities and counties, the ability to implement ordinances and policies narrowly tailored to affect their individual citizens,” the resolution states.

Several organizations opposed to HB2 asked the council to take its opposition to the bill even further during Monday’s meeting.

Uriah Ward, executive director of New Greenville, asked the council to amend the resolution to ask for a repeal of House Bill 2 and include opposition to LGBT provisions to the law. The resolution was endorsed by New Greenville, PFLAG of Greenville, Out Greenville and ECU’s LGBT Student Union. 

Former District 3 councilwoman Marion Blackburn said the legislation was ”a license to hate and bully” and asked the council to consider the proposal from the organizations.

“This is an issue of our time,” Blackburn said. “I want this council to send a clear message to Raleigh.”


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    Hi fives to all the city council persons that voted for this resolution!! No matter what kind of lame excuses Pat McCrory and the NC General Assembly come up with, HB2 is nothing more than a license to discriminate.
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