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After a disastrous short session that ran over a month longer than anticipated, the short session has finally ended. We want to know how you think they did.


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    Donald W. Smith
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    I give the assembly an "F"
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    Linda I Hixson
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    The one person who gave the North Carolina General Assembly an A, could be a Republican who doesn't give a shit about the majority of people who actually work for a living!
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    Hector Garcia
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    Life is easy for those who have someone to blame for their acts of inhumanity, In a vulgar sort of way, God gave us the capacity to do good, to do bad and then left us to our own devices. Unfortunately, there are too many rotten apples in the barrel like those are in the NC General Assembly. Obviously, these people do not understand that going to church does not a Christian make anymore than kicking the tires of your car make you a mechanic.........Hector
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    Charles Floyd
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    The Flying Monkeys for ALEC, and Duke have honored their pledges. Not to the people of NC who are supposed to be their constituents, but to their corporate masters. Until we flush these slimeballs, there is no democracy.
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    Harold Hickman
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    no one should be surprised at the way the republicans take from the poor and give to the rich. going back to 1930 I can not find where the Republican Party has ever introduced and passed a bill that was intended to help the poor and middle class people of this nature. look at Medicare and Social Security, the Republican Party was against these programs to start with and they are still trying to eliminate these programs. it is stupid but, that is the way P.appy taught them.
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    You still shafted public education especially teachers. By taking away the reward of longevity you encouraged the experienced educators to find jobs some place where experience counts. Would you want a doctor to do a brain operation on you that you were only 1 of 5 he had participated in and the success would not necessarily be evident immediately OR one that had hundreds of surgeries and with proven results time and time again. You will regret this regressive, prejudicial mindset at election time. You have pushed the whole state back to where it was BEFORE Sanford became governor and realized the only way to improve NC and make it competitive with the rest of the nation was through educating its populace. Now NC is competing with the world and they have no ammunition for the contest.
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    Cynthia Strom
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    Not fixing the gap between current medicaid eligibility and eligibility for Affordable Care Act health insurance is hurting thousands of NC citizens who are in desperate need of medical care. I meet a new disability claimant just about every day who falls into the huge crack. They aren't always lucky enough be able to climb out alive on the other end of the disability claim.<br /> NC NEEDS to opt into medicare expansion immediately! I worry that our elected officials don't have the will do it
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    Larry Ketchum
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    In any sort of academic setting they would get an incomplete or a zero. They sat for sessions, they didn't even try do their assignments and they shouldn't be paid for anything.
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    Mike Herron
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    This session continued to reach new depths in its treatment of public education and public educators. Every effort was made to lessen public education as a real profession, while presenting it as improvement. Meanwhile, legislators who purport to support decentralization and deregulation have devised means of transferring authority to state government a state funding to for profit enterprises to divest the state's constitutional responsibilities for its citizens.
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    Donald Barker
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    Based on their performance. the short session should be discontinued. Their grade is an F-.
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    Ryusuke Hasegawa
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    My grade: F
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    Just a taste of the destruction legislators who are wholly beholden to ALEC (the Koch Brothers), Art Pope, and corporations in general are able to accomplish.
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    Crawford Murphy
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    Failure in fracking protection, teacher pay, farce, assistants exclusion, week coal ash bills, medicare fiasco, ACA exclusion and failures and more for a grade of F or even Gee.
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    Susan Allen
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    It is obvious this legislature cared more for special interests than they did for the people of North Carolina. They should all be ashamed of what they have done to this state in such a short period of time. They deserve a grade of F!
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    - we need to initiate action that will create a candidate to replace mcrory,.........NOW.
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    Margaret Whisnant
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    I gave them a D, but only because they showed up--most of them, anyway! A bunch of sixth graders would be just as effective.
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    Eileen Kapetsky
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    Politicians who take an oath of office to serve the citizens and then serve the lobbyists instead should be sued for fraud.
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    Tom Fisher
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    The only way we are going to fix this mess is to get out the vote. Particularly in the "safe" districts where Republicans have gerrymandered the districts to their favor.
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    Donna awheeler
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    The Republicans are a bunch greed and power mongers! They get wealthy off the backs of honest, hard working people. I give this session an F
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    James Soares
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    This session is yet another example of our elected officials words not matching their deeds. Consequence is what promotes change - the closer the consequence is to the event determines it's efficacy. Currently, consequence is insignificant - elections are 4 years apart - and Big Money can overwhelm the constituency with lies. It is our Media that needs to place ethics above ad-buy income, to provide that constituency with accurate and adequate information.<br /> And to label Liars as Liars.
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    Ed Mezynski
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    F is not low enough. I'd give them a negative Z to the 10th power.
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    Medicaid, education, the environment - you name it, they trashed it. I once was proud of NC but now I'm embarrassed.
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    Beverly / High Point, NC
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    Raleigh get a F, shame, shame, shame. It is time for a change.
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    Valerie Roberts
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    This is a state government where special interests rule. The inerests of the people, as in many states including mine, the state of Georgia, are not taken into consideration.
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    Robert Obeid
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    Our state government represents Art Pope and the Koch brothers rather than the vast majority of North follows the hallowed principle of the Anti-Christ, i.e. handmaidens to the rich while srewing all others.
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    William Koester
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    Now that the state is run by geriatric old white men, the only ability they seem to have is SPEND! More money is wasted on pointless policies that make them (the GA) look more stupid than they already are: $550K on picking up rocks in western NC for potential fracking, $300K for the extended short session, 6 Federal lawsuits (anyone care to guess how much they cost? - they ain't cheap!) Racial Justice Act - gone (some rep's are proud they voted against it, being racist pigs in the first place). Where is my weekend of tax-free shopping? Gone (not to worry though - I spent my $$ in South Carolina AND bought a tank of gas for 20 cents a gallon cheaper than NC). Voting rights... altered (college kids must go home to mommy and daddy's district to vote). I'd like to see eugenics reinstated... and the first to be subjected are Republican OLD men.
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    I give them a very large F!!! I am actually retiring a year early because I just can't take this BS anymore!!!
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    Dane B
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    They are as about effective and honest as the federal House of Representatives. Owned by the Koch &amp; Tea Party and beholden to Art Pope. Worthless. NC used to be a place to be proud of.
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    Doug Imhoff
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    Duke, Pope, and Koch own NC..How revolting
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    Elaine Percival
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    This General.Assembly has done nothing except widen the gap between the "haves" and the "have nots" in NC. They have put a burden on those with the least while giving to those who have the most. I view these lawmakers as greedy self serving politicians who seem to determined to undermine public education on our state. Shame on them! Please do not send Tillis to Washington.
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    Let us rally to vote them out of office!!
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    Sandra Hatley
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    The greedy devils receive a grade of F and for the grade to really hit home, vote them out of office in November. The current batch claiming to carry the Republican name are a disgrace to the likes of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Ike, and others who knew what caring about all the people, the wholenation and in this case the state, democracy, and fiscal responsibility was all about. This bunch fails in all catagories. They are just shy of Nazis.
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    kc anderson
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    You tea party rubber stampers have looted our state's finances and your vaunted leader Art Pope has flown the coop - probably to escape criminal charges that will be forthcoming when the wise electorate's pendulum swings back to where the honest pols (e.g. Pricey Harrison) can prosecute the thieving rascals! The winds of Karma will not be denied!
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    Harrison Curtis
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    The legislature has just screwed the children in school today, and will keep NC out of competition for new businesses because our education system isn't even mediocre compaired to the rest of the nation. Thank you GOP for advancing the rich at the expense of every one else.
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    RH Friday
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    In my classroom, the short session's outcomes would be an 'F' because:<br /> a) You did not address the prompt(s)<br /> b) You failed to complete the task in the allotted time<br /> c) Your work shows no evidence of thoughtful planning or progression<br /> d) Your work is unoriginal or derivative in nature<br /> (Minus one letter grade for every component.)<br /> How's that for RIGOROUS EXPECTATIONS?<br /> Seriously, vote these people out!
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    RH Friday
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    In my classroom, the short session's outcomes would be an 'F' because:<br /> a) You did not address the prompt(s); b) You failed to complete the task in the allotted time; c) Your work shows no evidence of thoughtful planning or progression; d) Your work is unoriginal or derivative in nature. (Minus one letter grade for every component.) How's that for RIGOROUS EXPECTATIONS? Seriously, vote these people out!
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    ElizaBeth Hage
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    I'd give them a Z for zero! This bunch not only have done nothing for the general population of this state, they have done everything to serve their corporate masters. Vote them OUT in November!
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    The ASSembly should be paid according to their "accomplishments" and the grades given to them by the public. Uh oh ... it looks like they shouldn't be paid at all, according to public opinion. Kick them out and get somebody in there with half a brain!
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    As a teacher who has taught in schools around the world, I have no words to describe the damage that these 'legislators' have done to the public education system (including the institutions of higher learning) here in North Carolina. From the bright promise of only a few years ago that the State was moving into the ranks of well-educated, humane, contributing citizens, (after years of blight due to the delusional grandeur of the old planter class), it seems that the bad old days are about to return.
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    Greta Houston
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    They get an "F" from me. We can start now to make NC a place to be proud of again. There are many worthy potential candidates out there. We need to start our search now for someone to run against McCrory in 2016. We have to vote on November 4 for Senator Hagan. We have to work harder than ever to get that vote in because of the tactics of local Boards of Election to make voting so difficult. I never thought I would see Voter Suppression become a reality in any State, The North Carolina Legislature has earned all the F's they have been given because of this issue, as well as the attack on teachers and education. Republicans like to call each other "Great Americans." I don't see anything great in these attacks that affect all Americans.
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    bill after bill became law after law that I opposed-I can't think of one positive out of the whole session-this state is better than this and its people deserve better-only one solution and we all know what that is
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    Karen House
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    I give them an F ! They are constantly enriching themselves and enabling the non-working class - doing nothing at all to help the working taxpayer!!! I'm sick of it! The raise they gave me was a slap in the face! Everything I NEED to live - groceries, gas, car insurance, car maintenance, INCOME TAXES, light bill, phone bill, water bill have all increased over the last 10 years over 100% but my pay has not even come close! I'm sure it's more important for the royals to get pay raises out the ying yang and to get their mansions remodeled than it is for me to eat! I would like to wipe the state and federal elite out of office and start over with THE WORKING TAXPAYING CLASS!!! But then they can't AFFORD to run for office! WHICH IS ANOTHER THORN IN MY SIDE! It's time for some REAL change in NC and DC!!!!!!!
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    Ronnie Hatley
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    It's not all the Republican or Democrats party. It's the other party's Nazi,Socialist &amp; Communist party's that lie and steal away on the Republican &amp; Democrat ticket. If they showed there true colors they would never get elected. We have some in office in North Carolina .We also have had some great republican leaders Ronald Reagan and Dwight Eisenhower. We all need to get more involved and vote for who can help the largest number of north Carolina people not just the rich and the well connected.
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    Brian Smith
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    How can we expect to raise a future generation of responsible citizens that will contribute to our society with the mediocre teachers such a small pitence will draw. You have sent a message to the teachers that still care about our students that you don't care about us as teachers or the students we teach. Teachers are no longer respected and for the job they perform or the education they have obtained. Once again we have fallen further behind the rest of the nation and the state obviously doesn't care about its future. How far will N.C. have to plummet before our educational system gets fixed? Are willing to risk our state and our to find out? FIX IT NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!
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    This is the best NCGA that Pope and ALEC money could buy. The Legislative Building should be declared a Superfund site. The stink of corruption is so intense they can smell it in Cullowhee.
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    "It will take 15 years to undo the damage they (current majority in Raleigh) have done to public education." That is a direct quote from a long term leader in the General Assembly and supporter of education and the people of our (formerly) great state. What has happened this term and recent years is heart breaking, bordering on criminal. I have witnessed 72 years of lives spent in devotion to building a great public education system for our state, only to see it facing demolition. As a retired educator, I am thankful to no longer to be in the rat race. My grandchildren are in both traditional and charter schools. I fear that we cannot recover from the damage already done on many levels.
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    Starr Watson
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    This GA of greedy politicians is a complete sham, and the biggest group of crooks in the state . They serve nobody but themselves and their masters. It is a disgrace to a previously progressive state. You know it is bad when we have received negative publicity in everything from The Rolling Stone to the N.Y. Times as well as the BBC.
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    N S Greenwood
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    This is the worst state congress I have seen in the past 50 years.<br /> <br /> I do not want to give them an F because they deserve nothing that good. Some of them may deserve to go to jail.<br /> <br /> <br /> They are ruining the future of our children and grandchildren and turning back the great progress made in the Tarheel State over decades. They have turned back the clock and brought back aspects of a time in history we should have overcome by now.<br /> <br /> As bad as it is, the only hope we have for the near future is to vote these vicious clowns out of office. -- NSG
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    Kathleen Ramseur
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    I say lets get out there and vote and get us a whole new asembly that is going to work for the good of all Amnerians and noit just a priviledge few. We all want to live a good life, have a good education for our children all of them. Good teachers that are paid for they work, and not just the new teachers but teachers that have been doing a good jobs for years. It is ad whre others around the cuntry is alking about what a bad system we have in the eucatioal system and having them come and recuitingsome of our best teacers. I give them a big F.
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    I graded them as F !!! I would have voted for F- - if I had the chance !!!!! They sucked big time !!!! They have trashed and burned our state in so many ways. You've seen the mirrors and shadows with just about everything this session. I resigned from WCPSS because I have a major issue with slashing and degrading teachers and the shady salaries for veteran teachers. If I went back to WCPSS then I would be paid $2000 LESS a school year (10 months)!!!!!<br /> That is a SLAP in the face...... Bless all teachers because they are living the crap in NC !!! SHAMEFUL !!! Karma kick some butt !!!!!
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    Comtessa de Metoncula
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    The six people who voted A are idiots educated on Fux news and not living on this planet...Let's beat them in November!
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    Tarsha Shore
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    I give them an "FFFFFFFFFFF"
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    willard cottrell
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    Michelle Presnell is my representative(?) She voted party line 100% offered nothing to help her own people and claimed that the 2013 budget was GREAT! and tghen said I didn't see the big picture.<br /> <br /> Now they are once again trying rob peter to screw poor paul (you and me) with their silly shell game. The people have been screwed by this crowd of constipated republicans. I guess we got what we deserved.<br /> <br /> VOTE!~
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    Dr. David Barr
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    The antithesis of governance, reason, and public trust. These are the know nothings, the regressive scum of 21st century progressive thought: since they are stupid, they assume that all people are as misinformed as they. Such presumption will be the death of their ignorance, and the extinction of the tea party bowel movement.
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    We the people of NC should vote the governor out of office for crass incompetence! Stupidity, bigotry and narrow-mindedness have reached endemic proportions and the worst is that our hands are tied: we have" the right to work" laws! Well, that's very true; the only right we have is to work more and more for less money and be grateful for the a called raise that's actually a pay cut!. I hope McCrory and his "very educated and progressive"(Ha Ha !!!) supporters will get only raises like I had for the last 5-6 years! Shame on them and on us for doing nothing!
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    Roger Killian
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    Not only was this a disastrous and prolonged agonization to accomplish so little in terms of improving life and the future for North Carolinians, this version of the NC General Assembly could not even identify full and permanent funding for what they have trumpeted as the largest raise in years for teachers in the public schools. The majority of our "representative" do NOT represent their constituents, they simply try to advance the goals of ALEC without even knowing how to actually accomplish these goals nor what their impact will be!
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    Drake King
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    I give the NC Senate and the House a big fat F for failure!
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    When I began teaching it was in another state and I made more my first year than my mother-in-law did after 36 yrs. in N.C. I left teaching way back in the 70's when our salaries were frozen and made as much in several other jobs than I did teaching. Then I came back because I love to teach, and the fight for more money, longevity and tenure was won. <br /> Now, my daughter has 5 yrs. to get her 30 yrs and they're taking away her longevity and saying she's getting this enormous pay raise when, after the longevity is gone, she actually is only getting $100.00 for her huge raise. Boy, do they ever know how to cover up!<br /> We're losing so many of our good teachers and we'll be left with young, non-experienced ones and who's going to lose? Our children. Children that will not have the basics to subjects that the experienced teachers could have given. And though the pay looks good the way they put it for everyone to see, we are back to the same way we've been for years and years ---48th or 49th in the list of state teacher pay; just like it has been for years.<br /> They don't even deserve an F. They were there for the pay they gave themselves.
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    Becky Cochran
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    An organization is only as good as its leaders, look at the leaders here......enough said. Time to THINK and research a candidate before you vote!
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    F for all the above reasons and the fact that many important bills didn't even get a committee hearing. Throw the bums out. VOTE
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    Gene Polito
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    Don't they realise they and their familys will have to live in the resulting degradation of their actions.<br /> A big F
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    I almost gave him a D just for showing up and being an empty suit....but I went with F .<br /> Mayor was where he should have stopped...advised by democrats surrounding him. <br /> When one of his priorities is puppy mills just because he adopted a dog from the shelter should have been a warning for all of us. <br /> I love animals but not ahead of NC children!
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    Alan Katzer
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    I gave the Senate, House and the Governor an F! A failure to get the job done!
  65. Barb's avatar
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    I almost gave him a D for dumb and just for showing up and being an empty suit....but I went with F for failure. <br /> <br /> When one of his priorities is puppy mills just because he adopted a dog from the shelter should have been a warning for all of us. <br /> I love animals but not ahead of NC children!
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    Kristine Barberio
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    I am so disappointed in the partisan politics that have led North Carolina to become the LEAST progressive state in the nation and the laughingstock of the country. Where did our humanity go? Where did our ethics go? I think 2 things need to change - first the antiquated right to work law needs to be removed or altered to allow for unionization of the teachers which is the only chance at this point for fair treatment of dedicated, caring teachers (like myself, my husband, and my peers). Second - we need to look at the re-districting that occurred several years ago and set up the state to be controlled by a small group of rural politicians, aligned predominantly with the tea party Republicans, that are making it impossible for our state to represent accurately the diverse population of people living here. Let's get back to the politics that made North Carolina the great state that it is!
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    Beverly Lennon
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    F for failing the people of this state. i was once proud of this state. Now, I am ashamed of how the GA has abandoned the education, education, and the elderly/disabled. <br /> I am working on a Masters' in Reading Education that the State of North Carolina will not recognize and pay me for when I graduate. South Carolina will.
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    Robert Olason
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    I gave them a "D." At least they didn't close down the public school system. Just knocked it around a little. Rather like bullies everywhere.
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    anita. bailey
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    I would grade on EACH front, an F.<br /> If the election were held today and the choices were between Democrats, Republicans, and Fleas, in all cases, I'd vote for the Fleas. At least the FLEAS do not know any better.<br /> And for the record ....... most of the republicans serving now (if it can be called that), whether nationally or locally,could use reality checks that include strong reminders of and many, many remediation courses in Basic Human Ethics.<br /> This claim of being moral and so very Christian, is a LIE , Pure Unadultrated Hypocrisy.<br /> This remediation has to start with the BIBLE and following Christ's example ( something WE all can benefit from) . Perhaps then, " loving Him first and then our neighbors ( black, yellow, red,white, educated or uneducated, rich or poor, gay or straight, etc.,) as ourselves" (paraphrased) can be used as the measure for all our human activity .
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    Following the footsteps of Congress, the Supreme Court and soon the FCC our legislators are worshipping at the altar of greed and arrogance. I do not hold out much hope for those of who cannot afford to buy votes.
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    charles lakin
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    What a disaster!!
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    they're worthless.
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    Vince Varriale
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    For such a beautiful state we are stuck with a bunch of liars, and politicians who are short sided that it makes me sick. Even more disturbing is the people of NC who keep electing these idiots to office. They must be misinformed, or so turned off they do not care. <br /> <br /> I wish the general public, as a who was aware of their lies. What does it say about them?
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    jamie edwards
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    I agree with every thing said above.
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    Trina Watson
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    Do you remember how you receive your education? Are you thinking how you and your family able to survive now, doesn't look like it when you have workers trying to survive with higher cost of living than wages brought to the home. Are you thinking that your grandchildren and others will be able to survive in an economy where there is more bills than money. Education is what got you where you are today; THINK ABOUT THAT!!!!!!(PRIVATE OR PUBLIC IT'S ALL LEARNING)
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    I'm ashamed and embarrassed to be a citizen of North Carolina. When we moved to this state eight years ago we considered it an enlightened southern state - but no longer! This legislature and this governor have succeeded in returning the state to an ignorant, regressive backwater. I give them an "F", and that's being generous!
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    Bobby Padgett
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    Wish there was a grade below F minus for these clowns.
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    Beth Sanderson
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    I just figured out what my raise will be as a public school teacher and along with my public health worker husband's one-time $1000 bonus, we can pay for the new water heater we just had to have installed and the new tires my very old used car needs. Our family has the luxury of benefits for health and dental through our state jobs. Nevermind, that we don't have enough each month to pay for basic care for us or our 2 kids. We are always worried about having to use our healthcare. How ridiculous for public servants to have to worry everyday about going into debt to be healthy! I am proud to be a public servant and definitely did not become a teacher to get rich, but I never imagined that at age 50 I would have such challenges. I spend my own money every year to meet the enrichment needs of my students and at the end of the year to buy copy paper when the school has used its budgeted amount. I keep doing it because I have hope in children and I want them to be involved citizens and help make our country and world a better place for all. That is morality. Caring about others. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I held up good decisions just to keep my millions or yachts or whatever unnecessary things that you all spend your money on.<br /> I am ashamed of you, representatives of my state! You need to come to visit public schools during free breakfast and meet the children you are taking services away from. You need to look into their eyes and admit to them what you are doing and why. How do you justify your decisions that everyone knows will make their lives even harder. You are public servants, but you do not serve the public, you serve private interest groups who don't need your help. You withhold hope from children for a decent future, not to become millionaires, but to be able to live decently. You need to give back all of the thousands of dollars you have wasted by extending this "short session" and donate it to the education budget. How dare you speak badly of people donating their time to protest your meanness and lack of foresight, when you are paid to not get your job done. Wasn't it like $50,000 a day for all of July and August? If I am wrong about this bonus, please correct my mistake and if I am right or even close, you should be tried for fraud. Those of us who truly live our lives as moral human beings will rise up to stop you, just as our ancestors stopped unjust taxes and immoral treatment by their leaders and created a revolution that we celebrate as a country every July 4th! You not only deserve an F or your failure to serve the public, but you should also be sent back to 3rd grade to study history and government. Maybe if you went to the poorest low-performing schools and helped teach what you are "supposed to be doing", you will get some foresight into the tragedies of the feudal system you seem to want for our state and country!
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    Ingrid Hastings
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    Failed in all categories. why does that not surprise me?!<br /> Until we throw out those bold faced liars nothing will change, not in the local or the federal government and that won't happen unless the voters educate themselves about the goings on instead of listening to Rush Limbaugh and Fox Noise and blindly believe what they preach.
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    Susan Jones
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    I gave them an F because we're F*****ed.
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    Charlotte Johnson
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    I know this is not a new comment, but where are all those millions of dollars raised in the lottery? Why is the illusion presented that in order to even award any type of raise, other programs had to be cut? Early Education? All things none wealthy and specifically non-white are cut or illuminated. What kind of peace do republicans, namely Gov. MoCory have at night and in daily prayers when just because you cannot process having been born without access or an entitlement to opportunities? Do you really believe as "Christians" that God is pleased with you?
  82. barnett parker's avatar
    barnett parker
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    The Assembly gets an A for so efficiently moving NC down to replace AL/MS at the bottom of the U.S. a year, we've become No. 50!
  83. Dr Kenneth M Sanchagrin's avatar
    Dr Kenneth M Sanchagrin
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    I have voted in NC for over 40 years and was given the Order of the Long Leaf Pine by Gov. Holshauser, a Republican. I have never seen a governor or legislature as reactionary and backward than that which we now have..Our current governor with ruin NC, which used to be the premier Southern State, that same way the governor of Kansas has decimated that state. I have two children employed in higher public education in NC and one who has just left for a better-paying professorship at a new university but the current governor and legislature care no more for education than they do for the environment, healthcare or the growing income inequality in the state.
  84. Janet's avatar
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    D minus
  85. Erica DeMoss's avatar
    Erica DeMoss
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    It sickens me to see what the North Carolina legislature has "accomplished". The Republicans in control don't give a damn about our kids. They would just as soon see the poor and middle class shuttled off to anywhere but here. I'm sick of it! North Carolina has become the laughing stock of the country with our regressive voting laws and ridiculous tax "overhaul". I'm embarrassed to say I'm from here.
  86. Brenda's avatar
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    We have ourselves are to blame! We voted them in! <br /> Well… I didn't vote for them… but SOMEBODY did and this is the result… dumb, dumber, dumbest! I don't know really who's dumbest… maybe the ones who voted them in???
  87. Kitty's avatar
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    I gave them a D, after all it did require they show up to do all this damage... <br /> Amazing pack of self serving, blind mice. Hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing (of value that is).<br /> At this rate we should become the least progressive, most polluted, worse education state in the Union, I can't wait to see what these people put in place to replace Core Curriculum
  88. Rebecca's avatar
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    It is too bad we don't have the equivalent of the TNL (True North Logic #Joke) teacher evaluation tool (which is still as subjective and ASS-inine as the old method) to "measure" the performance and effectiveness of political officials. It serves no purpose to say, "Shame on them", because they have no shame, as evidenced by their actions. We need to rise above their level and be true to what we know is right in our hearts and souls; we need to teach this generation of children with all of the care and enthusiasm that inspired us to become teachers so they will become productive citizens who understand the importance of exercising their right to vote, and finally, we need to get out and vote ourselves when the time comes so that we can dethrone the political puppets. The only consoling thought I have is my belief in "what you put out into the world comes back to you in abundance". Which means, either in this life or the next, these law makers should have an extraordinarily sizable load of "ish" coming their way. Oh, and by the way, I would give them a grade of "F" in all areas, including the humanities.
  89. Rosemary Stark's avatar
    Rosemary Stark
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    They deserve an "F" for hurting the majority that need their help and helping the minority who are already well off. I they can sleep at night
  90. Kitty's avatar
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    I'm not sure how these people in office (who's FIRST order of business during THE biggest recession in decades gave THEMSELVES a RAISE!) got so far destroying everything that said North Carolina is an intelligent, progressive, ecologically minded state.<br /> I'm so tired of feeling like every piece of legislature that has gotten any traction in the GA is designed to reduce human services and programs, destroy infrastructure, increase fear, mistrust, reduce educational excellence, reduce individual rights and freedoms, increase fees, licensing, and permits up the ... (but we won't call those taxes, oh NOOOO!) all the while protecting business from accountability, responsibility, and disclosure. Has our legislature not figured out yet that when faced with an entity who's soul purpose for existing is to make money at any and all cost; that it is their obligation, responsibility, and duty as our elected officials to enforce and protect the North Carolinian standards of living? Instead this group has done everything to lower those standards so far that anything business does will have no impact because we have no enforceable standards left. This legislative body has sent out a very clear message: We don't care about our water, our soil, our air, or our people - feel free to come here and rape our resources at will while we, the government of North Carolina, will protect you - Mr or Mrs Businessman from any legal action, any accountability, any responsibility. <br /> In my opinion, if businesses want to make money in our state, those "persons" must be held to a higher standard of care, accountability, and responsibility - not the other way around. Economies, business, even countries do best when the largest percentage of their population is secure, healthy, educated and wealthy enough to spend, spend, spend. If I hear 'Job Creators' one more time while referring to a 1%'er or a large corporation I"m going to upchuck!<br /> Sincerely,<br /> Ms. Useless, Overpaid, 35 year workforce veteran.
  91. Kimberly Branch's avatar
    Kimberly Branch
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    .....a HUGE "F"!!!!!!!!!
  92. Fred Putnam's avatar
    Fred Putnam
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    Worst General Assembly I have ever seen
  93. Tyre Holloway's avatar
    Tyre Holloway
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    This general assembly effectively deserves a big F for an egregious failure to take care of the very people that we entrust our children to every school year!! It is no wonder that the teaching field in NC is rapidly deteriorating. Under these policies and most notably this administration, I would seek better and greener pastures elsewhere (ie; Texas where the starting salary is double of our state) also. This is absolutely a travesty and this administration should be ashmed of themselves for selling our children's futures to the rich by means of big tax breaks. This damage that has been done in roughly three years by this general assembly and administration needs to be repaired ASAP!!!!! We all need to start immediately working to get these people OUT OF OFFICE and save our great state from being the most REGRESSIVE in the country!!!
  94. Mike Lalone's avatar
    Mike Lalone
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    NC Republicans followed the Bush Florida education agenda. The once fine system in NC is now a clone of the Florida system. Stack em deep and teach em CHEAP! Lets keep the peasants down on the ladder and the rich get richer. I am proud of the wealthy who choose to help our education system and despise those who follow the example of Karl Rove and his cronies. These people have nothing but I, Me and Greed on their mind.
  95. Terry Preston's avatar
    Terry Preston
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    NO I would not grade the GA an "F" that might be a numerical 65. They deserve a "0". The total lack of honesty and concern for our educational system and the environment alone earned all of them that score.
  96. Donald Lee's avatar
    Donald Lee
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    Since there's probably no grade lower than an F-minus, that's what I give this so-called "general assembly". What is truly even more disturbing to me, as well as many of you posters, is the mindset of the people who voted for and sent these clowns to Raleigh. Regardless whether you're a Democrat or a republican, WE ALL should be ashamed, outraged, and fed up with this lousy-assed "govenor" and this equally lousy "general assembly". VOTE IN NOVEMBER!!!
  97. Janet Albrecht's avatar
    Janet Albrecht
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    I agree--F- is too good a grade to give to these charlatans. I have lived here 14 years, and when I saw how many Republicans were placed the NC legislature, I groaned, because I know how the conservatives work. They are people who want it all for themselves, to heck with the rest of us. It has been this way for my lifetime--very few conservatives got my vote in the last 50 years. I have never seen so many teachers have to take 2nd jobs just to make ends meet. If they have kids most are already living below poverty level. A horrendous state of affairs for our country, and now the corporations want to get in on the education system to get their pound of flesh--and the cash that goes with it. Charter schools?? If I am right my taxes are going to these charter schools, and the public schools are paying it, too! This legislature is full of corruption!!
  98. j. brewer's avatar
    j. brewer
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    They should all be tried for treason and taken out and shot with one of their assault rifles. They deserve a "Z" for a grade (z stands for brain and soul dead)
  99. Ruth Holloway's avatar
    Ruth Holloway
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    What a disgrace !! Vote them out!!! I am ashamed to say I live in N.C. They have made us a laughing stock in America!!!
  100. Robert Carr's avatar
    Robert Carr
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    These Tea Party Pols are RADICALS, who are writing Nepotism into law, far beyond any corruption the previous Democratic administrations could ever be accused of.<br /> <br /> McCrory LIED when he claimed to be a moderate. He, and the NC Legislature , are appointing cronies and corporate funders to state offices, to destroy environmental, health, employment and more, to the harm of the people; those people who were misled by their propaganda and lies!<br /> <br /> The Republicans scream about 'Jobs'. but where are the jobs?<br /> <br /> I can tell you , the jobs they are in favor of pay less than what it takes to pay for a decent , affordable life.<br /> <br /> Funding for Medicaid , schools, environment and education has been deleted by these selfish, greedy Teabaggers.
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