Gov. McCrory Has Time for Racist Trump, But Not NC Teachers and Parents

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After marching more than 20 miles, teachers and parents gathered near the state capitol in the hopes of meeting with Governor McCrory. When the teachers arrived, the capitol was locked and Governor McCrory was nowhere to be found. While Governor McCrory didn't have time for teachers, he did attend a fundraiser with none other than noted bigot and racist Donald Trump on Tuesday night. 

The News & Observer: 

The Organize 2020 group, sponsored by the N.C. Association of Educators, had sought to meet with McCrory after a 23-mile protest march from Durham and North Raleigh to the State Capitol.

McCrory’s staff said the governor had a scheduling conflict and could not meet with the group. The governor’s office later offered to arrange a meeting with two top McCrory aides. But when the group arrived at the Capitol building around 5 p.m., the building was locked.

“What would be the harm in him sitting down with teachers and students and parents to talk about the state of education?” said Todd Warren, a Spanish teacher from Greensboro who was one of the protest organizers. “Obviously, we’re not getting the governor’s attention. He was last night at a fundraiser for (presidential candidate Donald) Trump, catering to the wealthiest 1 percent.”

Last week, Organize 2020 released a report card giving McCrory “F” grades in areas such as “provided sufficient funding for public education,” “secured a living wage for our students’ families” and “protected our students from discrimination and criminalization.”

It was confirmed that Governor McCrory did attend a fundraiser for Donald Trump, who praised McCrory saying he is, "doing a fantastic job."

The Charlotte Observer: 

The governor was slated to attend a private event earlier Tuesday featuring Trump and Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus (ryns PREE'-bus) for the GOP's "victory fund."

McCrory has said he would support the Republican presidential nominee — whoever it was — and confirmed he will back Trump last week.

This once again highlights Governor McCrory's negligence for our state's teachers and students. While he still has time to support Donald Trump in his bid for the Presidency.


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    Leanne Purcell
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    Thank goodness I don't live in North Carolina. I would not be too happy with my ELECTED governor. Tsk tsk
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    Scott Coble
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    Vote this puppet out. He &amp; his baboons in the NC government have do noting but ruin the great state of NC. <br /> Cooper, Cooper, Cooper all the way.
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