Another Big Government Overreach by Politicians in Raleigh?

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The Charlotte city council voted to install new non-discrimination ordinance for gay, lesbian and transgender people. But Governor McCrory and the politicians are once again trampling on local control to use this issue for their own election purposes. 

Read the full editorial from the News & Observer here: 

The city of Charlotte is facing a divisive issue with gumption. The city council voted to install new legal protections for gay, lesbian and transgender people. It’s basically a nondiscrimination ordinance, adding those individuals to laws with established protections against discrimination based on race, gender, age and religion.

The law applies to public places such as bars, restaurants and stores. It also applies to taxis.

While this seems a logical extension of civil rights protections, one part of the ordinance is igniting controversy. It would allow transgender people to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with.

Enter McCrory, the former Charlotte mayor, who seized on the issue, doubtless on the advice of a political strategist. McCrory reckoned that the legislature, known for its penchant for interfering in local government, would get on this issue right away. House Speaker Tim Moore, not interested in reasonable discussion or mindful of the Charlotte council’s right to determine local ordinances, said the General Assembly would take care of this business.

The Charlotte ordinance isn’t some casual, reckless, in-the-dead-of-night action.

The council debate was intense and reflected the feelings of opponents, the Charlotte Observer reported. Some say that women and girls might fear for their safety sharing a public bathroom with those who were born male. But advocates say that transgender people could be at risk themselves if, for example, a male transgender person identifying as female and dressed as a female were forced to use a men’s bathroom.



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    This is more Regressive, hate inspired campaining for Big Dirty Energy who we all know by who is on our TV sponsoring Pat McCrory and Pat is sucking their pipe for em. End and make illegal, regressive, hate driven politics, for our future and our children's sake.....Get rid of this parasite.....
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    McCrory has his first and last term for Gov'nor. McCrory has left immigrants in the shadows, letting people discriminate against LGBT, pushing toll roads into NC and polluting waters that are important to NC. Vote em out of office
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