Gov. McCrory staggers into first debate of 2016 with a chronic struggle with the truth

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Four years after his infamous broken campaign promise to women in last gubernatorial debate of 2012, McCrory absolutely owns the discriminatory mess that is HB2 and a punchdrunk record of bogus denials

As Gov. Pat McCrory today staggers into his first debate of the 2016 campaign season at the Westin Charlotte Hotel, North Carolina's governor suffers from a chronic struggle with the truth. The headlines describing Gov. McCrory’s record of false statements would sound like a bumbling joke, if the issues McCrory tries to dodge were not so hurtful to so many and damaging to North Carolina’s economy and reputation.  The Washington Post dinged Gov. Pat McCrory’s claims on HB2 with Three PinocchiosPolitifact has graded five of  McCrory’s HB2 claims as ““Mostly False,” “Mostly False,” “False,” “False, and “Pants on Fire (as in “Liar, liar”). And WRAL-TV of Raleigh flagged McCrory for a figurative “Moving violation” (worst grade offered) for his bogus claims on HB2.

Over his term as governor and spanning a range of issues from abortion rights, to ethics, and most recently to HB2, Gov. Pat McCrory has earned a bruising dossier of newspaper headlines which leave the governor’s credibility shredded in tatters. Some of the low-lights over the last four years include:

 “Gov. McCrory’s last debate in 2012 was punctuated by a campaign promise to women, which he clearly broke, not once but twice, after his election,” said Gerrick Brenner, executive director at Progress NC Action. “As a new debate season begins, McCrory must be held accountable for his failure to tell the truth about his broken campaign promises, his ethical hypocrisy, and his responsibility for the discrimination and damage that HB2 has brought to North Carolina’s economy and reputation as a once forward thinking state. The big question for Gov. McCrory going into this debate season is one befitting of an addict.  Will McCrory ever come clean with the truth? Or will he continue to live in constant denial, blame the messenger, and evade questions on the fly to simply get past the present interview or the debate at hand?”


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