Gov. McCrory's pursuit of ideological solutions to education won't help our students

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At the end of this year's session the General Assembly passed an education bill that will allow for-profit charter operators to seize control of traditional public schools. This is a continuation of the attacks on public schools we've seen from politicians in Raleigh over the last few years. 

The Mountaineer:

When one prominent defender of school privatization from Raleigh’s leading right-wing think tank was asked why he supported ASDs in the face of compelling evidence from other states that they don’t improve student achievement, he responded that Democrats used to copy failed ideas from other states too when they were in control of the General Assembly.

That was his defense, that Democrats also made bad choices.

Achievement school districts are straight out of the playbook that the ideologues in North Carolina are following whether evidence shows they work or not.

If lawmakers were serious about helping struggling schools and the low-income students who attend them, they could have increased funding the school transformation teams at the Department of Public Instruction that are showing promise  in the 79 districts where they are operating.

The problem is that more than 500 schools have been designated as low-performing and the General Assembly has not provided enough funding for state education officials to help all of them.


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