Gov. McCrory's Administration Too Anti-Regulation Even for Duke Energy

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Mark McIntire, Duke's director of environmental policy and affairs, called on Gov. McCrory to dial back on the anti-environment obstructionism and urged them to bring more stakeholders to the table. 

Read more from the Institute for Southern Studies here:

Just how extreme is the administration of North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R) when it comes to obstructing efforts to protect the environment?

So extreme that even Duke Energy — McCrory's former longtime employer, one of his top political benefactors, and a major polluter in the state — is calling on it to dial back the anti-environmental obstructionism.

Speaking at a Jan. 29 forum on the state's energy future, Mark McIntire, Duke's director of environmental policy and affairs, urged North Carolina to take a different approach to the Obama administration's Clean Power Plan to cut global warming pollution. The plan is being challenged in court by 29 states, including North Carolina, as well as by corporations and industry groups. The lawsuit is being led by Texas and West Virginia.

McCrory has charged that the plan would raise electricity rates and amounts to "federal intrusion." So his administration submitted a compliance proposal that fell short of EPA's requirements, with the intention of taking the rejection to court — an approach that's earned condemnation from environmental advocates and criticism from Duke Energy.

"Quite frankly, the approach our state is taking is one that is not collaborative," McIntire toldthe N.C. Leadership Forum panel. "We are continuing to encourage the Department of Environmental Quality to think a little bit larger — let's bring all the stakeholders in the room."


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