Gov. McCrory and Politicians in Raleigh Have Halted Coal Ash Cleanup

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The Duke Energy coal ash ponds have been contaminating the water of communities across our state for years now. The best case scenario for complete cleanup is 8 years and that's before the delays caused by Governor McCrory and the General Assembly. 

Read the rest of the article from WUNC:

“For some reason, and I don’t know why, the EPA doesn’t seem to share our sense of urgency in pursuing these matters,” Reeder said, clearly agitated. “So we’re rethinking this whole thing. We may just take unilateral action without EPA anymore, because they just don’t seem to think this is important, for some reason.”

The EPA must sign off on permits granted by the state, and to Reeder’s dismay, he says that isn’t happening quickly enough. Reeder also blasted the media and the Southern Environmental Law Center for contributing to misinformation and delays. Lawmakers, most of them Republican, nodded in agreement.

Frank Holleman sat in the back of the room and listened carefully. He’s a senior attorney at the Southern Environmental Law Center, and he offered a different assessment.

“Duke Energy’s had a lot of problems,” said Holleman. “And of course they have admitted that they committed nine coal ash crimes across the state and are now on criminal probation. But amazingly, as hard as it is to believe, they have been more willing to do cleanups and address issues than DEQ.”

An ongoing legal fight between Governor Pat McCrory and the General Assembly leadership – all Republicans - has halted the work of the Coal Ash Management Commission that was created to oversee the coal-ash cleanup process.


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    byron east
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    McCrory taking his lead from Flint Mich. & his money from Duke Energy. What a disgrace. Vote ROY COOPER!!!
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    Dock Hooks, CDR/SEAL (Retired), Attorney at Law
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    My perspective is that if a business entity or even an individual pollute/damage public water sources, then that person or entity should minimally be held responsible and required to pay the cost of the cleanup (ex. coal ash cleanup)! For Governor McCrory and/or team to squash same seems unconscionable, does it not?
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