From The Charlotte Observer: Teachers who buy classroom supplies with their own money cry foul on Republican tax plan

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Teachers on average spend $500 of their own money to purchase supplies for their classrooms.  In the last decade in North Carolina classroom supply funding when adjusted for education and enrollment has been cut in half.  Now the GOP tax plan intends to take away the deduction that teachers use to help offset these costs.  This new tax plan does nothing to help working families, but only gives huge tax cuts to the wealthy.  Our teachers and students deserve better.  

From The Charlotte Observer:

Teachers often have to spend their own money to provide students with books, pens and pencils, and can get a tax deduction of $250 for their expenses — but there’s no such break in the Republican tax legislation.

Both House and Senate tax bills would end the break, and powerful teachers' unions are mobilizing to fight the proposal.

"It's a slap in the face to teachers to take it away. For teachers, it’s like ‘Are you kidding me? You’re coming after our $250?’ ” said Lisa Ochs, president of American Federation of Teachers-Kansas.

Later this week, her union is holding a school supply donation drive outside the Overland Park, Kansas office of Rep. Kevin Yoder, a vulnerable Republican seeking re-election.

Similar efforts are underway around the country. The National Education Association, under the hashtag #outofmypocket, is asking teachers to share via social media pictures of the sticky notes, pens, and scissors that they purchase for their students.

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