For Many Teachers, Pay Still Below 2008 Levels Even After Raises

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When Speaker Tillis and Senator Berger unveiled their teacher pay plan, they falsely claimed it was "the biggest raise in NC history." Now that claim has been debunked and folks are taking a closer look at the details behind their proposal. As the News and Record reports, even after the raises, many teachers will be making less than they would have under the 2008 pay schedule. From their article,

Another issue from teachers is that the proposed raises wouldn't fully restore the money they've lost since the height of the Great Recession. 

I have to give credit to Mark Jewell - VP of the North Carolina Association of Educators and a Guilford County Schools employee - for noting this on his Facebook page. If you look at the state's salary scale from 2008-09 and compare it to the new one, teachers still won't take home as much money as they should have before the recession. 

Here's a link to the 2007-08 salary schedule on the state Department of Public Instruction website. What you would see is that in some cases, teachers would have earned more money under that pay scale than they would earn at the same step on the current pay scale. 

For example, a teacher at step 14 would or should have been paid a minimum of $40,750 in 2007-08. With the new raises, a teacher at step 14 on the pay scale would earn $40,000. 

Given all the talk about the Carolina Comeback, we should at least bring teachers back to pre-recession pay levels. Instead this budget is just an attempt to get through the next election, not a serious proposal to improve the lives of teachers. 


  1. Fran White's avatar
    Fran White
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    After teaching 26 years I am making less than I made 7 years ago. I voted for Pat McCrory. I will not this election vote for any of the three. I hope he enjoys his one term as governor !
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    Ann Brady
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    This analysis doesn't take into account longevity which was paid in 2008-09; it is even worse! The average LOSS per step is $613.20. Email me for the spreadsheet if interested. William Osborne (who is running against Phil Berger for NC Senate District 26) is who realized that it is apples to oranges without adding in longevity in 2008-09 before comparing the figures. Teachers are no where near where they were!
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    Sad but true . Masters earned , 13 yrs experience, and moving a few hours south I am making $13,000 more! Home sweet home , SC! I had to move. Single mom.
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    Lynn Winters
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    My dad said back in the mid 70's that teaching salaries would increase to the standards of other professionally paid positions. I said, "In whose lifetime?"
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    Brad Vaughan
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    Fran White, Democrats ran this state for 5 out of 6 years of this drought and the guys that came in a gave you some kind of raise are the ones you want out of office. You people are being played in a great political game. No one is back on track after 2008. No one should expect to be. Be no one else got any kind of raise to help make up ground. I used to support teachers, but they have revealed themselves to be a very greedy bunch.
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    Nichole Frasure
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    Brad Vaughan, your comment disgusts me! If you have ever known a teacher, you would know that they are some of the most selfless individuals that exist. To say they are greedy is beyond an insult. Teachers only want what is long past due to them. If there is any profession that should be first and foremost in getting back on track first, it is teaching!
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    Amy Koegel- Gibbs
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    Am Us NC native liviing theiugh the last 19 years in Switzerland through marriage a dual citizen. Here the occupation of public achool teacher ia way over NC standards.I Help!
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    I am saddened by Brad Vaughn's comment. Each year I spend my own money to provide things for my student. I work 2 jobs so that I can have the luxury of a roof over my head and clothes on my back. I am greedy. I am greedy for the long overdue respect that is afforded any professional.
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    Greedy?!?!? Masters degree. National Board Certification, extra licensers, mentor, and no raise after waiting 7 years. Greedy? I can't afford to go to the dentist -- at all; my kid has no braces; I have no TV, I couldn't afford the physical therapy I needed, have no car payment, carpool, and shop at Goodwill. The only things I buy new are for my classroom. Greedy.... sigh... do you realize a Masters in teaching is one year off the college requirement for doctor or lawyer? No, you have no clue what teachers sacrifice because we believe in the kids. I dare you to get as much education and sacrifice as many after work hours on grading, planning, meetings, home visits, additional schooling and tell me you are satisfied struggling to meet your bills as a reward.
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    Cynthia Knight
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    So frustrated and angry about how teachers are treated in this state. Total embarrassment when I tell friends and family in other states on what are teachers are paid and where we rank. The high paying politicians in this state have no stake in our education system. I am sorry to say that I voted for Pat McCory. You guys have no idea of the time and hours that go into being a teacher, especially high school teachers. you need to spend a month in a classroom in one of the high poverty schools and then tell them they are overpaid!
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