Focus on helping teachers, not some jerry-built system

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Just over a week ago the NC House passed HB 1080, a bill that would allow for-profit charter school companies to seize control of NC public schools. We ought to be focusing on making sure these underperforming schools have all the resources they need, not a charter school takeover. 

Greenville Daily Reflector: 

The wrinkle, more like a crease, is House Bill 1080, which passed the House last week in a 60-49 vote. The measure is another politicized attempt to repair “broken” schools, or those where academic performance has consistently been below average.

One legislator who opposed the bill’s far-reaching effects summed it up: The plan has ”too many moving parts.”

While it is certainly true that the state needs to do all it can to improve low-performing schools, the focus needs to be on the low-performing students themselves and not on some organizational folderol. In recent years, there have already been too many ill-conceived ideas that only muddy the waters that teachers for years have had to wade through in order to reach their struggling children.

In the end, the teachers are the ones who will provide the expertise at ground level that will allow a system and a school to succeed. They need to be trained well, paid well, given adequate assistance and support and then freed to do what they do best.

North Carolina should give more autonomy to teachers, rather than continually suppress them or create policies that limit their ability to effectively educate our state's children. 


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    If we are serious about helping students in low-performing schools, we need to get serious about helping their families and communities. Expand Medicaid, raise the minimum wage, strengthen unemployment benefits, expand affordable child care/after school programs and job training, increase affordable housing options, improve access to healthy food, dental care, public transportation, and treatment for substance abuse and mental health issues. It is unreasonable to expect teachers and schools alone to overcome all the challenges these children and schools face.
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    Where is the content to this article? You say that the bill is bad, and that it would "allow for-profit charter school companies to seize control of NC public schools". How does it do that? What is the argument the NC GOP is using to advance that agenda?<br /> <br /> There's a lot of opinion here about "HB1080 is bad", but no actual information as to why, and nothing the reader could use to make their own decision.<br /> <br /> If you're going to tag a post as "news", please provide some actual news in it. Otherwise, this is just a vaguebooking blog post disguised as a news article.
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