Politicians in Raleigh Responsible for Teacher Shortage

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Fixing the teacher shortage crisis in North Carolina is the responsibility of the General Assembly. North Carolina is struggling to retain and recruit teachers at all levels, thus leading to unprepared students. North Carolina schools and UNC can only do so much to fix the issues, in the end we need state politicians to open their eyes and make changes to improve teacher pay and support. 

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"We cannot be successful in higher education if students that show up at our doorstep are not fully prepared to do college-level work," she said. "We can do our part and meet our responsibility by sending them a teacher corps that can meet the needs of every single student."

And there isn't much Spellings can do to fix the problem, because she didn't create it. That responsibility belongs to the General Assembly, where the state's teachers have been demonized and grossly under-supported.

If we improve our schools of education, chances are we'll be sending new and better teachers to states that pay a decent salary and give teachers the respect they don't get here.

This is not UNC's problem to solve. It's the General Assembly's. If our lawmakers don't fix it soon, their legacy will be the ashes of a once-great education system 


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    Susie Carter
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    I have been teaching for over 23 years. I love to teach but hate how North Carolina has treated us the last 6 years. I am the Math Dept. Chair at my school and am having a hard time keeping good teachers and finding good teachers.
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    James Fleming
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    Retirees should be allowed to return to service after 6 months with no penalty. Many would continue to teach for the love of the profession and most would agree to a step 0 pay scale if their retirement stayed in force. Under the current plan, you can only earn half of your final compensation anyway...and if you work more than 29.5 hours, you must drop your retirement insurance and join Obamacare's bronze plan. Retirement is coming out regardless of whether this is revisited or not. Allowing good teachers to continue work only makes sense. I taught math for 30 years in NC. I am 52 and drive to SC to teach now. I would rather work in my own neighborhood and make a difference there.
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    Suzan Antin
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    Bring back the Teaching Fellows program.<br /> Restore additional pay for advanced degrees.<br /> Fund the purchase of new textbooks - my children have not had a new book in over 15 years.<br /> Lower class sizes.<br /> Maintain facilities.<br /> Maintain funding for teacher assistants K-2.<br /> Restore longevity pay.<br /> Give raises.<br /> Is it any wonder that NC is facing a teacher shortage?
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    Very similar conditions exist in the Community College system. We are creating tax payers/ a job ready work force who attract employers or transfer ready students. Our pay scrapes bottom, we trade basic supplies like a prison economy and no one but the top is allowed work related travel for professional development unless we self fund with non existent raises. Morale is in the basement as everyone exists on less and less with belts tightened to the choking point. There's no respect or dignity to teaching in NC. Now we have money to burn on frivolous law suits over discrimination. Where is the common sense and decency touted? Who is really standing up for our future?
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