Five Questions for Pat McCrory

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RALEIGH — Gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory will be in downtown Raleigh today and Progress North Carolina Action has five questions for Pat McCrory that remain unanswered. For a candidate who has campaigned on ending the “culture of corruption” in state government, these questions should be easy to answer. Why they are not is a bit of a mystery.

1. Will you release your tax returns through at least 2009?

2. Will you release a client list from your work at a lobbying firm?

3. Do you think voters have a right to know what their candidates for Governor do for a living?

4. As you campaign as an ethics reformer, why are you holding yourself to a lower standard than your opponent, Walter Dalton, by not releasing your tax returns?

5. Why have you denied any conflicts of interest despite evidence to the contrary?

“Pat McCrory must be open with the voters about his tax returns and client list, otherwise his campaign is built with no foundation. Actions are stronger than words, and voters will not trust a politician who acts like a hypocrite,” said Gerrick Brenner, Executive Director of Progress NC Action.


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