Enough with the talk. Time for executive action. Gov. McCrory should direct NC-DMV to immediately freeze applications for Confederate license plates and direct DMV to replace existing Confederate plates.

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Gov. McCrory’s bandwagon request for the General Assembly to pass a bill to stop issuing Confederate plates does not actually do anything. McCrory should look north to Virginia, where the governor there is taking executive action and planning to replace 1,790 existing Confederate vehicle plates. And NC Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger says license plates are the governor's job.

RALEIGH -- Progress North Carolina Action calls on Gov. Pat McCrory to resist the grandstanding and instead take immediate executive action to freeze all NC-DMV applications for Confederate license plates. McCrory should also direct NC-DMV to not only stop issuing Confederate plates, but to also take steps to replace existing Confederate license plates already on the road.

“Gov. McCrory should take executive action to freeze all pending applications for Confederate license plates,” said Gerrick Brenner, Exec. Director of Progress North Carolina Action. “The governor should not pass the buck on this sensitive issue. He appoints the Secretary of Transportation, who appoints the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles. The leader of the State Senate has already said this issue is a job for the governor.”

Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger’s office has already signaled a resistance to take up the question of Confederate license plates. “The issue raised by the governor is one that can be addressed by the executive branch,” Berger’s office said in a statement.

“State lawmakers have made a sport of dragging their feet on the governor’s priorities and marginalizing his agenda,” Brenner said. “Gov. McCrory should put a stop to this hot potato hijinks and simply exercise leadership. He should take matters into his own hands and immediately freeze new Confederate flag plates from leaving the DMV.”

Just to the north in Virginia, Gov. Terry McAuliffe is in fact taking executive action on Confederate license plates.  The Washington Post reports that McAuliffe is directing Virginia’s DMV to stop issuing new Confederate plates and to recall 1,790 existing Confederate plates.

In North Carolina, Gov. Pat McCrory should simply do the same.

“The state should not sanction a flag that symbolizes segregation and discrimination to so many North Carolinians,” said Brenner.  “After the murder of nine African Americans inside a Charleston, South Carolina church, most people now realize the Confederate flag is wrong for state license plates. The flag belongs in museums and history books, not on our highways. Enough with the tough talk. Gov. McCrory should simply take executive action.”


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