Editorials Across NC Condemn Outrageous Court-Packing Scheme

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Editorials across the state are in agreement that court-packing is unfair to North Carolinians and undemocratic. Republican's scheme to keep a majority in the courts undermines the voters and newspapers across the state are putting them on notice. 

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Here's a sample of the condemnation of this outrageous and undemocratic scheme. 

From the Charlotte Observer, 

Senate leader Phil Berger and House Speaker Tim Moore have not commented on the court-packing idea, which has been floating around Raleigh circles since the election. They should, and here’s what they should say:

“North Carolina voters have made their choices. We will respect their will. We will not attempt a naked power grab, and we will do our best in the next Supreme Court election.” Better yet, they could pledge not to pass bill after bill that raises constitutional concerns.

From the Raleigh News and Observer,

State Senate leader Phil Berger should have dismissed the speculation emphatically. Instead his office said it does not comment on rumors. We’ll take that to mean it could happen until the Republican leadership says it won’t.

Packing the court to offset the effect of an election would be an abuse of the legislative process. We hope the legal community quickly stands against any manipulation of the high court.

From Capitol Broadcasting Company editorial:

It’s all getting rather old and weak. Enough is enough.  Manipulating the ballots in mid-election is wrong.  Packing the state Supreme Court is wrong.  Justifying it as tit-for-tat is childish school-yard antics.

From The Winston-Salem Journal editorial:

We’ve already got more than enough uncertainty and confusion. We don’t need the possibility of court packing adding to that.

GOP leaders should loudly denounce any idea of packing our state’s highest court.

From Southern Pines Pilot:

The prospect of this serious setback (on top of the strong possibility of a Democratic governor) was simply too much to swallow for many of the Republicans in control of the General Assembly, who are so used to getting their way. 


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