Editorial: When government officials pick who to serve, it is wrong

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CBC is out with a new editorial that slams politicians in Raleigh for their repeated attempts to discriminate against their fellow North Carolinians. While we all are familiar with HB2, some might have forgotten the magistrates bill that allows public officials to opt-out of same-sex marriage ceremonies. Now a challenge to that law is being heard in court, and the track record for lawmakers isn't good. 

From the Capitol Broadcasting Company editorial,


The North Carolina law is, in reality, less about faith but more a not-so-thinly veiled effort of Republican legislative leaders to incite and play to a part of the GOP political base. They score some partisan points passing the law and have an issue that can be ginned up as the election approaches to boost interest and involvement of those most likely to vote their way. 

It is shameful that the leaders of the General Assembly are so willing to trample over the Bill of Rights to pander for votes during the campaign season. 

With the many variables that go into legal issues, it is difficult and unwise to predict how a court will rule on a specific case. Even if the current challenge to the law is dropped on a technicality over the standing of the plaintiffs, it will be back. 

Given the legal track record of other laws this legislature has had challenged in courts– most similarly motivated by partisan zeal over practical need or sincere desire to improve the state – it will be no surprise if, and when, the court rejects this effort to make discrimination legal in North Carolina.



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