Editorial: State Needs to Invest More in Teacher Salaries, Public Education

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With budget projections showing a surplus is likely, the Fayetteville Observer is out with an editorial calling on lawmakers to invest any surplus money in improving teacher salaries and bettering our schools. 

From the editorial,

It's a good formula for sending our best teachers packing to neighboring states, where they're guaranteed a better salary. And it's just the opposite of what we need.

Some state lawmakers want to stop the downward trend before it does any more damage to our children, and to economic development efforts in a state that has long shown one of the deepest commitments to public education in the South.

State revenues continue to increase, and it appears lawmakers may return to Raleigh in the spring with another sizable budget surplus ahead of them. That money should go straight into education funding, especially into the state's K-12 schools and their teachers' salaries. Do it before the damage goes any deeper.


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