Editorial: Senator Burr’s Response to Torture Report is an Embarrassment to NC

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The News and Observer is out with a scathing editorial that lambasts U.S. Senator Richard Burr for his response to the report about CIA torture. Burr will chair the Senate Intelligence Committee, but has promised not to hold a single hearing about the abuses of power. From the editorial,

U.S. Sen. Richard Burr's response to the report on CIA torture is an embarrassment to the state that once proudly claimed Sam Ervin as a senator who would stand up to the abuse of power.

Burr, the incoming head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, has dismissed the summary of the 6,000-page report as a partisan and flawed telling of what the CIA did to detainees after the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

Most of the country and much of the world are appalled by the summary's account of secret prisons, waterboarding, "rectal feeding," days of sleep deprivation and men shackled and abused until until they were broken. Worse yet, the summary said, the techniques yielded no crucial information, and at least 26 of the 119 detainees were not involved in terrorism.

Along with dismissing the findings and any lessons they may teach the nation, Burr promises that any further public scrutiny of the torture issue by his committee will end in January when he takes charge.

"I just don't know what you would accomplish with hearings," Burr said. "Put this report down as a footnote in history."

Not surprising, but nonetheless discouraging, is that North Carolina's Sen.-elect Thom Tillis agrees with Burr that what was bad about the report wasn't what it says, but that the American public was informed.

"I think it's something the Democrats have chosen to release," Tillis said, referring to the executive summary of the report, which was prepared by Democrats. "I think they need to be very careful about the safety and security issues it may raise, not only in terms of our consulates or embassies but also people who partnered with us in a very difficult time."


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    Michael Hall
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    Both Burr and Tillis are some of the most partisan puppets that serve special interest. The sad thing is the foolish people in North Carolina that continue to elect such rubbish. They are both bought and sold and have no soul of their own. Bigotry reigns here.
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    Nancy Morton
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    There is a call from those in the international community of human rights that international law requires the Bush administration be tried for violations of human rights. This is not a political football to be thrown around by partisan pundits. This is an issue of international concern. We have stooped so far as a nation that our nails are dragging the ground. Surely we need to rise and face this with a sense of humanity.
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    Steve Marsh
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    Our Government is supposed to be 'of the people, by the people, and for the people'. Keeping secrets from the people and refusing to tell them the truth of what Government is contradictory to this tenant of our Democracy.
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    Kaye Barley
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    Here's the thing about Burr and Tillis. they're puppets. Everyone knows they're puppets. They could give a flying fig, actually, about the truth. They believe secrecy is power. They forget that there are actually laws forbidding torture. This has nothing to do with partisan politics - or it shouldn't! These men, and others like them, are leading to the destruction of all the good things this country was founded on and based on. They want to obstruct democracy for all and rewrite history.
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    Richard Burr ..you cannot hold a candle to Senator Sam ...you are a disgrace to Veterans who ever needed help ..at Least Senator Sam was from NC ..YOU ARE NOT
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    John King
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    We got exactly what we deserve in elected officials. Is anyone really surprised?
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    John Blake
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    Senators Burr and Tillis. Your day of accounting is coming. You can continue to ignore the people you are supposed to represent and fill your pockets with the gold of lobbyists, the rich, and corporations. The people will eventually rise up and your track record will be your undoing.
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    Nancy Jenkins
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    I am mortified by the words and actions of Mr. Burr and Mr. Tillis and am just hopeful that this will be remembered come election times and that those of us who disagree with them will get out and vote.
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    Clarence Sell
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    Our human rights leadership in the world will be damaged for generations. There will be thousands of future torture victims from what was committed in our name and our inability let sunlight disinfect those deeds. The leadership of our nation and certainly in NC is nothing less than pitiful.
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    Stan Bozarth
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    Thank your conservative neighbors for sending Tillis and Burr to Washington so they can revel in their preening glory and feed from the public trough. Both are incompetent, chickenhawks, and loathesome examples of humanity. I would not stop to spit on eiher of them if they were on fire.
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    Larry Pendry
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    The only positive I can find in all of this is that Senator Burr, Senator elect Tillis, and Representative Foxx may not pay for what they have done to the American Democracy in this life, but I am confident they will pay for their bad deeds in the next life. Praise be to God.
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    Tillis didn't win this election, he scammed it. It will be much worse next time unless we turn around the gerrymandering, the campaign finance laws, and the new voting restrictions. We don't have a functional democracy in NC, so blaming the residents of the state is a foolish thing to do. If you took money out of politics, these guys would vanish like a bad dream.
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